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Enhance your calm at the Student Zen Den


Take a seat, grab a stash of play dough and let the calm wash over you. Welcome to the Zen Den.

Located on the third floor of the Stan Grad Centre, MB328, the Zen Den is a quiet space for students to take a breath and de-stress.

From cozy furniture and soothing lighting to sensory tools that can help reduce stress and anxiety, the space is perfect for peaceful moments of self-reflection.

“We have a lot of places on campus where students can come together but they tend to be loud, social, and many are technology- or food-based,” says Karen Davis, Outreach and Wellness Leader Facilitator, Student Development and Counselling.

“This is a space where students can stop for a minute. It’s a place where they can relax and recharge, so they can be more present both inside and outside the classroom.”

Zen Den basics

  • Do use the Zen Den for self-care and to de-stress. This is not a study space, lunch room, gaming spot or nap room.
  • Do be friendly and respectful to others using the Zen Den. Keep conversation to a whisper and take your phone calls outside.
  • Do remember this is a shared, public space and, as such, a PDA-free zone.
  • Do keep this space tidy and leave it how you found it. Personal belongings should not be left unattended. 
  • Do drop in, 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Do ask for support. There are lots of great resources on campus — and plenty of people who are ready to listen. 

Tools for self-care

Try a variety of tools for self-care in the Zen Den, including:

Weighted blankets Play foam Stretchy strings
feels like a hug encourages creativity release muscle tension
helps with focus boosts mood helps with focus
promotes calm encourages play stretch away stress

SAIT’s Student Zen Den was developed with funding from the Post-Secondary Student Mental Health Grant (PSMH Grant) through the Government of Alberta.

Student success is at the core of SAIT’s values, and mental health and well-being is vital to that success. Through collaborative action and an inclusive spirit of community support, SAIT’s Student Mental Health Strategy will foster a climate for learning that empowers our students to thrive.

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