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SAIT Giving Day gives vulnerable youth a second chance

Youth explore culinary programs inside SAIT's Career Exploration Centre.

Nearly one in four Alberta students drops out of high school, but thanks to innovative youth programs at SAIT, some have the opportunity to drop back in.

SAIT’s Transition and Exploratory programs for vulnerable youth introduce students to skills such as cooking, welding, woodwork and health care — skills that can help them succeed in the workplace or as future SAIT students.

Support youth opportunities this Giving Day

During SAIT Giving Day on Wednesday, Oct. 16, you can help vulnerable youth by contributing to a new fund that will provide them with the skills and tools they need for success.

“Students who use our programs have some real challenges,” says Rozlynn Wick, Project Manager for Strategic Youth Initiatives. “They may be disengaged from high school, may need to stay an extra year, or may have dropped out altogether.

“Or they may not be struggling academically but face challenges in their personal lives. Some of them have serious family problems or mental health issues.

“Young people are referred to our programs by their high schools because they can benefit from applied education at SAIT,” Wick says. “They spend a semester with us, learning new skills and earning high school credits. They take away skills that can help them get jobs or inspire them to further their education at SAIT.”

Training that leads to a career

Donations to SAIT programs for vulnerable youth go to buying instruction materials and equipment that will directly support their learning. Donations also cover the creation of starter tool kits that each student receives after successfully completing a course.

"This is equipment they may not be able to afford otherwise,” Wick says. “Owning tools will help these students get jobs.”

Generous donors have already made a matching commitment to the fund so that every dollar donated to programs for vulnerable youth on Giving Day will unlock another $2.00 for the fund, up to a total of $25,000.

Your Giving Day gift on Oct. 16 will support vulnerable youth who come to SAIT to experience programming such as:

EXPLORING WOOD TRADES, which provides foundational skills related to wood trades. Students who complete the program get a starter tool kit to help them work at an entry-level position on a job site.

EXPLORING METAL TRADES, a program that exposes high school students to pipe trades, welding and ironworker skills. Students receive a tool kit, including a welding helmet, as an incentive to complete the program.

INTRODUCTION TO EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN, helping students plan their careers by learning theories and practical skills related to entry-level jobs in emergency health care.

INTRODUCTION TO COOKING, where students learn practical cooking and baking skills they can apply in jobs in the hospitality industry or as full-time SAIT student.

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