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SAIT Summer Camps unlock potential

Kasia Guidinger, Coordinator with Strategic Youth Initiatives with SAIT.
“For the kids, SAIT Summer Camps are the highlight of their summers, and seeing their excitement is really rewarding,” says Kasia Guidinger, Coordinator, Strategic Youth Initiatives.

It’s the dog days of summer at SAIT — and that means hundreds of children and young people are packing campus each week for SAIT Summer Camps. From baking the perfect cake to coding computer programs, Summer Camps encourage children and youth in Grades 1 through 12 to explore exciting career options through hands-on experiences.

“Camps aim to help youth explore new topic areas, develop their skills, learn in an authentic environment and have a fun time,” says Rozalynn Wick, Project Manager, Strategic Youth Initiatives. “The program has really grown in the last few years. Since 2012, summer registration has grown from 1,000 campers to over 4,000.”

Sparking curiosity

Since the program launched in 2001, SAIT has welcomed more than 34,000 campers and grown in size year after year. This summer, camp-goers can choose from more than 100 uniquely focused camps. In 2019, Summer Camps opened registration to campers in Grades 1, 2 and 3 to spark curiosity and passion for learning at an even younger age. 

Two young Summer Campers share a laptop.

Here all year

SAIT continues to increase the Camps program with a goal of providing more opportunities for campers to explore their interests and discover their potential. Recently, year-round Evening Youth programs for junior high and high school students, as well as Professional Development Day camps, Teachers’ Convention and Spring Break camps for Grades 1 through 12 have been introduced.

“We are working to introduce programs to unlock the potential of young people and to help them explore the possibilities available through applied education,” explains Rachael Lehr, Senior Development Officer. “SAIT Camps are key to our commitment of delivering these opportunities to as many youth as possible.”

Instilling confidence

SAIT Camps provide an essential role in SAIT’s youth engagement strategy. By offering meaningful, hands-on learning activities, this strategy focuses on helping children and youth discover a program of study they might follow in the future, or career options they never knew existed. From an early age, SAIT Camps give young people the practical information they need to pursue a satisfying real-world career that suits their talents and ignites their enthusiasm.

“Camps are an excellent way for children and youth, in particular junior high and high school kids, to find an area of interest,” says Wick. “They help to instill a feeling of confidence within campers that they have the potential to pursue a post-secondary education.”

Send a kid to camp

There are a number of ways you can get involved with SAIT Camps, including sponsoring a program, speaking as a guest lecturer, or donating to the SAIT Summer Camps Bursary Endowment. Your support can help children discover their passion and potential.

“Donor support helps ensure that youth who otherwise could not afford a camp experience a supportive environment where they can learn new skills and unlock their potential,” says Lehr.

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