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SAIT and RBC drive the future forward
with electric vehicle readiness training and
youth skills programming


Calgary, AB (March 24, 2023) — The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has announced an $850,000 investment to support the delivery of a greener future through the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) School of Transportation.

The funding commitment unveiled at SAIT’s Transportation and Manufacturing Industry Night held on Thursday, March 23, will aid the development of electric vehicle (EV) readiness training and youth skills programming. A portion of the investment will also be allocated to support SAIT’s Transportation and Manufacturing Industry Nights over the next five years. These events provide valuable networking opportunities for students to connect with future employers in the automotive industry.

"We’re pleased to partner with SAIT School of Transportation on this advanced training and be able to help young people access meaningful employment through practical work experience, skills development opportunities, and networking solutions. We know that an issue like energy transition can’t be solved by one person or one industry. It requires a collective effort across industry, academia, government and community, and it’s a process that takes time, creativity, patience and resolve,” says RBC Alberta & Territories Regional President Jeff Boyd.


Representatives from SAIT and RBC stand on stage at the RBC announcement in Aldred Centre.

This unique partnership will help drive new and emerging technologies programming and ensure SAIT graduates are ready to lead and succeed in their careers. Always looking towards the future, SAIT remains committed to anticipating industry needs and ensuring students are prepared with the emerging skills of tomorrow.

“SAIT continues to deliver on our promise to evolve with industry and provide our students with the skills they need to lead the next generation. This gift from RBC will provide greater access to the technology needed to advance our labs and create opportunities to integrate practical work experience into SAIT’s transportation programming,” says Dr. David Ross, President and CEO, SAIT.

The youth component included will support high school students as they learn the academic skills needed for a successful career in the trades. 

As Canada continues to face a talent gap in skilled trades, SAIT has a critical role to play in training the existing and future workforce. Electric vehicle (EV) readiness training will offer hands-on experience as students diagnose and repair EV systems and components. Moving forward, SAIT will work collaboratively with industry, government and area school boards to develop and deliver training with a focus on sustainability, ensuring today’s workforce is equipped with the knowledge needed to support a greener economy.

SAIT’s deep connection to industry and collaboration with organizations such as RBC ensures the critical skills training is available to support the shift towards sustainable transportation, growth in the sector and Alberta’s economic diversification.

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