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Stephanie Hogewoning headshot

A SAIT graduate, Stephanie Hogewoning has come full circle: sharing her passion for aviation’s inner workings with the next generation through her work as the academic chair for SAIT’s School of Transportation.

After completing her avionics technology diploma program in 2006, Hogewoning immediately began working in the industry for companies such as Western Avionics and Rocky Mountain Aircraft, which do heavy overall maintenance, repair and operations. As an installation technician, Hogewoning fitted new avionics equipment into aircraft. Through Rocky Mountain, she earned the opportunity to work a six-month stint in Antarctica, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining airplanes for the British Antarctic Survey — an environmental scientific research organization with bases in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Although she loved working in the industry, Hogewoning felt pulled back to SAIT, applying to become an instructor in 2012 to help guide the next generation of avionics techs. She became the academic chair in December 2019.

Stepping into the role just prior to a global pandemic has been a challenge, but Hogewoning has kept focused on ensuring everyone feels supported and safe.

International Experience:

  • Spent six months in Antarctica maintaining aircraft for the British Antarctic Survey.

If I wasn’t doing this: "I’d still be a SAIT instructor."

Media interviews:

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