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In the 20 years Matt Carpenter has worked at SAIT, he has taught in the diploma and apprenticeship programs, delivered corporate training and served as academic chair — but underpinning it all is an expertise in automotive service and a passion for being in the classroom with students.

A SAIT graduate who earned his automotive service technician diploma in 1998, Carpenter worked for Shaw GMC for seven years before returning to campus — this time as an instructor. For nearly a decade, Carpenter taught apprentices in the General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program, before moving into the academic chair role. Now back as an automotive programs instructor, Carpenter is happy to be in the classroom again.

With a teaching focus on General Motors products, Carpenter has been a member of associations such as the International Association of GM Automotive Service Educational Program, while also serving as a board member of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. Along with a bachelor of science in field service operations from Weber State University, Carpenter earned a master of education degree from the University of Calgary in 2017. In addition to being a Certified Automotive Repair technician expert, Carpenter also possesses a Red Seal Journeyperson certificate in the Motorcycle Mechanic trade.

As technology continues to evolve, with new breakthroughs in autonomous driving and manufacturing coming online, Carpenter predicts the automotive industry will remain a dynamic area to continue learning and working.

Awards and achievements:

  • Top student award for apprenticeship training, lifetime Phi Kappa Phi Honour Society member
  • Red Seal Motorcycle Mechanic

When I retire:

  • I see myself spending more time in the wilderness, camping, hiking, shooting and fishing, and working at a motorsport repair shop (part-time, of course!).

Media interviews:

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