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Headshot of Heramb Vadalkar

The co-founder of two companies and a member of two teams that created financial literacy programs and educational products to more than 1.5 million learners, Harry Vadalkar brings a wealth of knowledge to his instruction in SAIT’s School of Business.

As a Cisco e-learning Chair, Vadalkar is blending two business finance courses and connecting them to external licensing exams, while exploring the development of a new course that covers the impacts information technology, artificial intelligence and block chain are having on financial services.

Along with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a Master of Business Administration in finance, Vadalkar has taken programs on fintech from Harvard, Python programming through Michigan University and artificial intelligence in business from MIT.

Before turning to higher education, Vadalkar helped found companies that dealt with cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin, managed proprietary funds through machine learning and artificial intelligence, and worked with teams that brought financial literacy to investors and students .

In 2018, he did a TedX talk on emerging technologies and he stays on top of investment news through his podcast, StockTalk.

Awards and achievements:

  • Canadian Securities Course certified
  • Chartered financial analyst

If I wasn't doing this: "I’d create bots to swing trade funds, doing the work for me while I relax with a drink in the Bahamas."

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