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Join the Student Content Team

SAIT students know what we’re all about, but what does that actually look like? Show, tell and share your experience as a SAIT student with your classmates, future students — the world!

SAIT’s communications team is looking for current students to help showcase student life through photos, stories, videos, playlists and everything in between. Does your day start with baking bread at 6 am? Did you create the perfect set up for your at-home study space? Can you shed some light on what it’s like to prep for your capstone project or even live on campus? Then you have a SAIT story worth sharing!

This is a unique opportunity to develop valuable communications skills and work on a cross-program team. Together, you’ll create fun and engaging content about what it’s like to be a SAIT student. Plus, you can use this opportunity to build your co-curricular record at SAIT.

SAIT Student Content Team member “must haves”:

  • passion and excitement about SAIT
  • content creation experience (writing, photography, video or social media)
  • willingness to learn and collaborate
  • be a current student in a credit program (full-time or part-time)
  • commit to a minimum of two semesters (fall and winter)
  • maintain a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.

To be recognized on your co-curricular record, a member of the SAIT Student Content Team will:

  • attend virtual training workshop(s)
  • contribute content weekly
  • participate in the SAIT student experience
  • attend monthly virtual team meetings

The SAIT Student Content Team is a great opportunity to:

  • build your Co-Curricular Record in the following competencies: collaboration, professionalism, enhanced self-awareness, effective communication, creativity and innovation
  • enhance your resumé
  • gain access to networking events and other exclusive opportunities

To apply email social.media@sait.ca with the following:

  • Tell us about you
    • Name, program and year, where you’ll be studying from.
    • Are you in any SAIT clubs or other programs? Will you be living in residence?
    • What are you looking forward to about studying at SAIT this year?
    • What makes you excited about this opportunity? o Anything else to add?
  • What’s your availability?
  • Are you on social media? If yes, please provide your username (only if you’re comfortable):
  • What type of content do you like to create — photography, Instagram stories, videos, long-form writing, listicles, playlists — attach some samples of your best pieces. Don’t have any yet? Create a piece about you starting at SAIT this term that we’d love to share.

๐Ÿ‘‹ We can’t wait to hear from you.

Meet last year's team

Rachel Clarkson

Rachel Clarkson

Baking and Pastry Arts

My name’s Rachel and I’m a 95-year-old in a 19-year-old’s body.

Whenever I’m bored, I end up in the kitchen baking, so I decided it’s time to perfect my craft. I’m super excited to be starting my first year in Baking and Pastry Arts at SAIT.

I was a competitive swimmer for eight years until I decided to coach instead. Still, you can usually find me swimming laps in the pool or kayaking and paddleboarding in the lake by my house.

I like to curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea – and my dog Duster and cat Skye — to watch Brooklyn 99, my favourite TV show. I also love Marvel movies and if any Disney movie is on, I’m definitely watching it.

I look forward to getting to know everyone in our time together at SAIT — I have previous post-secondary experience (two years), so I’m more than happy to help with questions.

Kajol Bhatia

Kajol Bhatia


Hey everyone! This is Kajol (you can call me Kaj) and I’m a second-year Journalism student.

I’ve lived all my life in Dubai, spent a few years in India after high school and now I’m here, studying in Canada. 

I fell in love with the SAIT campus and its people in my first year. I'm really looking forward to writing these blogs — to sharing my SAIT experience with everyone through my words. 

Here are some of my favourite things in the world:

  • When I decided to study Journalism, it was because of my love for people. I want to share important stories about people that everyone can learn from.
  • A good book can teach you a lot of things about your surroundings and yourself.
  • Since I'm a certified makeup artist, it makes sense that I would love colour. I believe that a face is a canvas, and whatever you create on it is art.
  • It’s like meditation with a hint of aromatherapy. There’s nothing better in the world than a yummy homemade meal.
  • Exploration is key — travel is the route to self-discovery and figuring out your purpose in this chaotic world. 

I love being around positive vibes and try to stay self-motivated by being busy. I think working hard and staying grounded leads to greater success and I’m not one to say no to an opportunity that comes my way. 

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Leonard Sebastian

Leonard Sebastian

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology

Mabuhay! In English it means “long live” – a common greeting in my homeland of the Philippines.

My passion for the aviation industry began way back when I was a young kid staring at planes flying over our house — I believe without airplanes there would be no Leonard Sebastian.

My family’s aviation history began with my father, who worked for a big airline in the U.S. — I think his love for these amazing flying machines was transferred to me.

Every time I see an airplane I just can’t help but feel happy and excited.

I chose SAIT for its long and great history in aviation.

The sense of excitement I feel every time I go to school — knowing I’m about to learn more about what I love from a group of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who share the same passion I have — that’s why I want to inspire future generations of students through photos and videos of my training at SAIT.

Michaela DeMong

Michaela DeMong

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology

Hey! I’m Michaela and I’m in my second year of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology program here at SAIT.

When I’m not working on planes or learning about planes, I’m either dreaming about planes or hitting the gym. I enjoy creating awesome Spotify playlists, taking photos and have a knack for making almost anything into a solid pun.

I’m originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and was pretty overwhelmed to be studying in a city with a larger population than my home province (yikes)!

I’ve been into aviation and aircraft since I was young. When I was 12 I joined the Air Cadet program, and when I was 16 I took an aircraft maintenance introduction course — I fell in love! Now, I’m an officer and work with a local Air Cadet squadron here in Calgary.

After finishing my first year at SAIT, I spent my summer in Moose Jaw shadowing AMEs working on the jet trainer for the military, the CT-155 Hawk.

I'm excited to be one of the student bloggers this year and can't wait to share stories and photos from the aviation side of SAIT!

Arth Limbachiya

Arth Limbachiya

Chemical Engineering Technology

Wednesday Nov. 20 | Making SAIT home

I always go by one rule in life: live in the moment. In my free time I’m either learning photo and video editing software or capturing the moments around me through my camera lens.

In school, I was a below-average student. That all changed when I started university back in India. It was tough but really fun to study reaction engineering, equipment design and whatnot.

I used to spend my free time playing football — soccer here — and was the centre forward on my university team. When the temperature went beyond 45 degrees, I used to play Counter Strike.

I’m a person who is always exited to experience something new. I take a bit of time to open up in front of new people — but I’m not shy, I just need some time.


Charlye Caldwell

Charlye Caldwell

Radio, Television and Broadcast News

Hi guys, my name is Charlye Caldwell and I play on the Trojans basketball team here at SAIT! This is my second year playing on the team. When I talk about the constant muscle soreness and lack of sleep I endure during the season, people in my class often wonder why I still continue to play. In my eyes, a day without basketball is a day wasted. Playing for the Trojans allows me to pursue my passion everyday – while making some great friends.

The team this year is composed of mostly rookies and vets who have played on other teams. In fact, we have only three returning players, myself included. We got a lot of work to do to become potentially a championship-winning team, but the journey will be fun.

Jason Monsalud

Jason Monsalud

Film and Video Production

Jason Amigo is my name. Yes, you read that right — Amigo! That means I’m your friendly neighbourhood Jason. I may not be Spider-Man, but I can save your day by making you smile …. Maybe.

I was born in the pearl of the orient sea, the Philippines. Then I moved to the Great White North, Canada, and I’m currently on my journey towards my future.

I love adventures, but not actually. What I mean by that is, I travel in my imagination and capture all the moments and piece them into stories.

My message for the future students of SAIT, don’t hesitate to show what’s in your mind because every action starts with your imagination.

Candy Loo

Candy Loo

Business Administration - Marketing

My name is Candy and I am 20 years old. Actually, I’m almost 21. I’m in the Business Administration program majoring in Marketing and I’m now on my fourth semester. I’m planning to split my semester and take some extra courses.

I am truly in love with my major. What is meaningful to me is to help others. I always try to find ways to make things easy for everyone and find solutions to problems. I try to be a facilitator for people. I am from Peru, a country from South America and I would like to bring ideas that work in Peru to Canada and the other way around. I consider myself a risk taker. I love trying new things and am open to new challenges.

I love watching TV shows or series, but I really get into it and I can finish one season in two days. I am currently watching Money Heist, by the way. I’m not much of a reader. I’m more of a listener and enjoy putting things into practice. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to join the Student Content Team. I am a team player, so I am quite excited for this new journey.

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