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Meet the team

Helen Carolino

Helen Carolino

Graphic Communications and Print Technology

Hello! My name is Helen and I’m in my second year of the Graphic Communications and Print Technology program. I’m also a graduate of the New Media Production and Design program at SAIT.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and returned to school to further my interest in visual communications. I’ve always been passionate about art and design—from cartooning and animation to graphic design and print production.

I’m a first-generation Filipino-Canadian born and raised in Calgary. I’ve lived here for over 33 years and I STILL can’t get used to the unpredictable weather. This is why I enjoy travelling to tropical locations like Hawaii. Hawaii is my favourite vacation spot (I’ve been there four times so far) and I learned to play the ukulele in my spare time.

I’ve been told I should be a stand-up comedian, but I’d rather sit down. Seriously, I’m not that funny, but I do enjoy watching comedies. My favourite show is The Simpsons (I’m currently re-watching it from the beginning). I also enjoy watching zombie/outbreak, disaster, and dystopian movies.

Aside from being a student, I’m also an Outreach and Wellness Leader (OWL), Peer Mentor, Peer Support/Community Zoom Room Volunteer, and President of the Student Creative Design Collective student club (yes, I wear many hats and my head is never cold—okay, that was my last bad joke…for now).

Ahsan Tariq

Ahsan Tariq

Civil Engineering Technology

My name is Ahsan, and I have far too much free time on my hands.

In high school, I was known to be pretty good at physics, so coming into SAIT I knew I wanted to pursue something that would allow me to apply that skill. That’s why I’m very happy to be taking the Civil Engineering Technology program.

In summers I enjoy taking bike rides and walking through forests. I find being in the woods and amongst tall trees to be very calming. Before the pandemic, you could also find me at the Genesis Centre YMCA, as I took weightlifting and fitness semi-seriously. πŸ˜‰

I have several favourite movies, but my favourites would probably be Edgar Wright’s work along with that of Christopher Nolan and Satoshi Kon. I also enjoy Studio Ghibli’s films for when I want something more heartwarming.

I’m excited to be part of SAIT’s Student Content Team and can’t wait for others to see what studying at SAIT is like through my lens. I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully continue our connections past post-secondary and into our careers.

Emily Wong

Emily Wong

Information Technology

My name is Emily, and I’m a first-year Information Technology student majoring in Software Development and a BA Marketing graduate. I know right? Marketing and IT, who would have thought?

Currently, I live in Calgary, but I'm originally from Lethbridge — only two hours from Calgary. At SAIT, I’m part of the Marketing at SAIT club and Enactus SAIT. It’s not my first time at SAIT and I've come back to make more amazing memories at this institution and try activities I hadn't gotten to yet.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s helping others, finding ways to solve problems and pointing people in the right direction. And of course, traveling the world! For future students out there, don’t hesitate to do what you love and seek discomfort!

I look forward to meeting all of you, helping you with your questions or even taking some time to chat!

Jason Monsalud

Jason Monsalud

Film and Video Production

In my country (Philippines), there is a saying “Ang buhay ay parang cine”. It means life is like a cinema. We are the one who makes our own story, the world that we live in is the stage where we perform and your audience might be your best friend or your worst enemy. Sometimes you listen to them to find ways to improve your story, and sometimes you ignore them because they only make you worry, but at the end of the day, you're the one who will decide how you continue your story. So, keep your camera rolling.

My name is Jason Monsalud, I am 24 and I am a Film and Video Production (FVP) 2nd year student #hereatSAIT. I am currently walking towards my goals and let me tell you something, it's not easy but don't worry, it's normal and it's worth it. Every path we take, there are always hills that we need to climb, oceans that we need to float and calamities that we need to survive before we reach our destination.

So, here is my message for future and current students: All these obstacles and challenges you will encounter or you currently encountering, are not there to make you lose your hopes, they're there to improve you, they're there to sharpen you and to build you. So, when you've reached your destination, you'll realize how these obstacles and challenges made you stronger and wiser, and you'll be thankful for what you've been through and appreciate the things it took to get you there. STAY POSITIVE, okay? Okay.

Lauren Schwering

Lauren Schwering

Information Systems Security

Hi! I’m Lauren – let’s get straight to the point. πŸ˜€

Fun facts about me:

  • I have a hairless cat named Monty, you’ve probably seen him featured in some of SAIT’s content! He’s 3 years old, and loves warm blankets and meowing at 3 AM.
  • I have a reality TV obsession, it’s usually 90 Day Fiancé, Big Brother, Survivor, Below Deck, etc. It gets a little out of hand sometimes but I manage it by studying really hard.
  • I am a goalkeeper in soccer (if you ever need a goalie, let me know)!
  • I LOVE the Boston Red Sox. Boston is my favorite city and you’ll usually catch me rocking a Boston T-shirt of some variety.
  • My favourite animals are: manatees, rhinos, camels, and tapirs (all the odd-looking critters… I know!) I love getting out of the country and laying on a beach, I haven’t been to Europe but once the restrictions are lifted, I’ll be there!
  • I LOVE LOVE wine, a lot more than most things. In the summer you’ll usually find me drinking wine and golfing.
  • In the winters I’m snowboarding almost every weekend (or at least trying to chase the pow).
Muskaan Rana

Muskaan Rana

Bachelor of Business Administration

Hi! My name is Muskaan Rana. I am in my third year of the BBA program majoring in Supply Chain Management #hereatSAIT.

I was born in India and moved to Canada when I was four years old. I lived the early years of my life in Toronto and then moved to Calgary when I was seven and have been living here ever since.

Something interesting about me is that I have recently started my own nail business! My hobbies also include hiking, swimming and spending quality time with family and friends.

I heard of SAIT through high school fairs and guest speakers. I decided to join the SAIT community because it was well known and has small class sizes which is what I was used to. And it has been the best decision that I have made! The past couple of years at SAIT have been amazing. I've had the opportunity to join many clubs, have one-on-one interaction with professors and build connections that will last a lifetime. SAIT is unique since it gives every individual the opportunity to meet with members from the industry which I find very helpful.

Ravi Baldevbhai Gandhi

Ravi Baldevbhai Gandhi

Power Engineering Technology

My name is Ravi Baldevbhai Gandhi. I'm a second year student in the Power Engineering Technology program #hereatSAIT. I have completed my high school and university education from India.

Even though I’m a beginner, I'm very passionate about photography and shooting videos and am eager to learn from those who have something to teach me. I believe that "capturing the present moments will become great memories tomorrow" — so it’s important to me to not only live in, but also capture the present moment.

In addition to taking photos and videos, I like to travel and do adventurous activities. In my leisure time I like to watch movies and TV series and when the weather is good, play cricket!

Arth Limbachiya

Arth Limbachiya

Chemical Engineering Technology

I always go by one rule in life: live in the moment.

In my free time I’m either learning photo and video editing software or capturing the moments around me through my camera lens.

In school, I was a below average student. That all changed when I started university back in India. It was tough but really fun to study reaction engineering, equipment design and what not. I used to spend my free time playing football — soccer here — and was the center forward on my university team. When the temperature went beyond 45 degrees, I used to play counter strike global offence.

I’m a person who is always excited to experience something new. I take a bit of time to open up in front of new people — but I’m not shy, I just need some time.

Richie Latchman

Richie Latchman

Electrical Engineering Technology

If you told me 5 years ago that I would be here today, I’d probably have not believed you. But that’s the beauty of life - sometimes it takes us to places that we never imagined.

I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island country in the southern Caribbean. I studied engineering back in Trinidad but spent eight years teaching high school math and physics after graduating.

In the last three years I’ve spent some time traveling, seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting people from different corners of the globe. It gave me a new perspective of life and the world and made me realize I was ready for a new phase of my life. After doing my research and planning, SAIT and Calgary was the destination. And it has not disappointed, a great experience thus far.

The gym is an important part of my daily routine and I’m a big fan of American football (Go Patriots!). I consider myself to be an amateur backpacker and look forward to more of it in the future. If you ever see me around campus and you’re interested to hear what the Trinidadian accent sounds like feel free to say "hello", I’m a pretty social and easy going guy.

Emily Meyer

Emily Meyer


My name is Emily Meyer and I’m a first year Journalism student here at SAIT.

My journey to Journalism wasn’t so conventional. I was originally accepted into the Travel and Tourism program. Travelling was my first love, so I wanted to make it a career. However, with the pandemic halting travel, I decided to explore my other passion – writing. I’m hoping to one day combine my love of writing and travel into a rewarding career. Until then, I’ll be enjoying all the delicious cuisine in Calgary (I’m also a huge foodie).

Fun facts about me:

  • I lived in Australia for a year and a half.
  • I spent last winter in Asia and the South Pacific, until the pandemic brought me home.
  • I just celebrated my two-year wedding anniversary.
  • I love dogs. πŸ•
  • I’m all about exploring new cultures and meeting new people!
Sonya Otterson

Sonya Otterson

Graphic Communications and Print Technology

Graphic Communications and Print Technology My name is Sonya, and the most interesting thing about me is my pet snake (her name is Orlando).

I love to read, watch movies, and play boardgames and card games with people. I also love designing things, and bringing things to life on the computer (but not in the evil robot way).

I’ve done a lot in the almost 19 years I’ve been alive. One of those is breaking my jaw in grade four, and being able to eat pizza and popcorn. Anything is better than macaroni soup. So, if you ever have a broken jaw, just stick to Ensure or something.

I like listening to classic rock and recently learned that coffee tastes pretty good. I probably won’t remember your name if we meet, but don’t let that stop you from having a good time listening to my great humour.

I’m looking forward to new friends. I just moved to Calgary a few months ago, so I don’t really know anybody. Hope to meet you soon safely!

Helen Carolino

Sabiha Pirani

Business Administration

I'm Sabiha. Currently studying Business Administration, leaning towards accounting. It's funny how accounting chased me away in high school (too much theory), but there’s been an upswing in my interest here at SAIT, and that's the reason you’ll find me keen in Accounting lectures nowadays.

Don’t worry! I'm not tackling with numbers all the time. What I'm deeply passionate about is converting my explosive, imaginative mind into pieces of creative writing. Apart from them, you'll find me strolling around the neighborhood or parks to catch sight of flowers — beautiful, bright-coloured flowers. I love drawing them with henna, and creating “wow” designs.

Born and bred in New York, I prefer the lights and action of city life, however, there's a certain part of the Indian culture that I can't seem to give up: Bollywood music! My way of relaxation and realization that I am who I am. In terms of likes, I'm the go-to person if there’s any extra pizza or pasta. But fresh! πŸ˜‰

I also love to chat, so feel free to wave a 'Hi!' or comment on my posts. I'm very approachable, unless I'm riding on a unicorn in my fairytale-like dreams!


Join the Student Content Team

SAIT students know what we’re all about, but what does that actually look like? Show, tell and share your experience as a SAIT student with your classmates, future students — the world!

SAIT’s communications team is looking for current students to help showcase student life through photos, stories, videos, playlists and everything in between. Does your day start with baking bread at 6 am? Did you create the perfect set up for your at-home study space? Can you shed some light on what it’s like to prep for your capstone project or even live on campus? Then you have a SAIT story worth sharing!

This is a unique opportunity to develop valuable communications skills and work on a cross-program team. Together, you’ll create fun and engaging content about what it’s like to be a SAIT student. Plus, you can use this opportunity to build your co-curricular record at SAIT.

SAIT Student Content Team member “must haves”:

  • passion and excitement about SAIT
  • content creation experience (writing, photography, video or social media)
  • willingness to learn and collaborate
  • be a current student in a credit program (full-time or part-time)
  • commit to a minimum of two semesters (fall and winter)
  • maintain a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.

To be recognized on your co-curricular record, a member of the SAIT Student Content Team will:

  • attend virtual training workshop(s)
  • contribute content weekly
  • participate in the SAIT student experience
  • attend monthly virtual team meetings

The SAIT Student Content Team is a great opportunity to:

  • build your Co-Curricular Record in the following competencies: collaboration, professionalism, enhanced self-awareness, effective communication, creativity and innovation
  • enhance your resumé
  • gain access to networking events and other exclusive opportunities

To apply email social.media@sait.ca with the following:

  • Tell us about you
    • Name, program and year, where you’ll be studying from.
    • Are you in any SAIT clubs or other programs? Will you be living in residence?
    • What are you looking forward to about studying at SAIT this year?
    • What makes you excited about this opportunity? Or anything else to add?
  • What’s your availability?
  • Are you on social media? If yes, please provide your username (only if you’re comfortable):
  • What type of content do you like to create — photography, Instagram stories, videos, long-form writing, listicles, playlists — attach some samples of your best pieces. Don’t have any yet? Create a piece about you starting at SAIT this term that we’d love to share.

πŸ‘‹ We can’t wait to hear from you.

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