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At SAIT, we specialize in technical education and skills development, which helps new Canadians meet the work requirements of industry. Our experience and expertise in working with non-profits and government agencies in the design and delivery of skills-based training programs set us apart from other organizations. 

For more than 15 years, we have been collaborating with organizations like the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, the Centre for Newcomers, McBride Career Group Inc., and Momentum Community Economic Development Society, to provide skills training in various disciplines including steam/power engineering, construction trades, business and English language skills.

Everyday people from around the world choose Alberta to make their home, and as they settle in, they sometimes require support and resources to establish themselves, in their new working community. By collaborating with government and non-profits we are helping New Canadians overcome obstacles to meaningful employment and are doing so in a timely and efficient manner to meet employer needs. 

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Our training speaks for itself

"We found that having SAIT's name on their training adds a lot of value for program graduates. Employers recognize SAIT as an expert in training so they trust that what they learned is relevant for what they need."

Heidi Brandley
Director of Workforce Development, Manpower


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