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Workforce Nationalization

Our workforce nationalization solution offers companies a holistic approach to the development of a job-ready local workforce and a standardized means to reduce time-to-competency, helping your organization quickly begin full production in new markets.

Typically delivered in less than a year, our training, delivered both in-Canada and in-country as required, fast-tracks practical learning in support of subsequent company-led on-the-job training.

The success of our training program stems from:

Our training program model 

We integrate three critical elements to build trainee competency and provide a solid foundation for further on-the-job training and progression:

  • English language proficiency
  • technical knowledge
  • global business cultural awareness.

Our unique hands-on learning environment reinforces these three critical competency areas for operations and maintenance personnel, while our training support services enhance the trainees' overall experience.

Our flexible, collaborative and consultative approach

During the program design phase of a training project we work with you to understand the performance gap between your selected trainees' actual proficiency levels in technical English, academic foundations and technical skills and your organization's competency profile requirements. We'll use this combined learner and needs analysis for the design of your company-specific training program.

What's included

Assessment services

Our assessment services support the decisions you will make about your local workforce — whether you are screening and selecting candidates, or working with us on the design and implementation of your company-specific training solution.

Candidate assessments for company screening and selection

From our experience working with global energy clients, we know choosing candidates for training may be a challenging task. You may be selecting your trainees and future employees from a pool of high school graduates, new graduate engineers or experienced operations and maintenance personnel.

We can provide and administer assessment tools such as tests and interviews to help you gain a better understanding of each training candidate's proficiency in competency-based English knowledge, academic foundational knowledge and basic computer literacy.

English language assessment 

There are a number of English language assessments tools available on the market, and we'll work with you to use the assessment tool you prefer for the purposes of screening and selecting training candidates, designing an effective technical English training program and for measuring ongoing trainee progress.

We highly recommend the use of a task-based versus knowledge-based assessment tool, like the Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA) tool.

The CLBA assesses learners on how they successfully complete each of the following tasks in English: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We are a recognized assessment site for the CLBA with a number of trained and certified assessors available. We typically use CLBA for our in-Canada training program option.

Technical English training

Our technical English training is an integral component of our Workforce Nationalization solution for exploration and production companies operating worldwide.

This program is designed to upgrade the English language capabilities of your operations and maintenance personnel-in-training, providing them with the language and study skills required for success in their fast-track technical training.

Delivered in a blended format (face-to-face and technology-based), the program is customized to reflect the specific types of facilities and production operations that your trainees are or will be using on-the-job.

Tip: Prior participants have seen the most success when this training is implemented in-Canada at our main campus in Calgary, Alberta.

Trainee support (in-Canada)

An integral component of our in-Canada program is our participant support services. We have dedicated personnel available to fully support your trainees, ensuring they receive the best learning and living experience at SAIT.

Academic support services

We provide clear communication of:

  • attendance and academic expectations
  • evaluation criteria and processes
  • lab facilities safety expectations
  • trainee program termination conditions
  • ongoing progress reporting.

We also provide access to various SAIT resources:

  • Internet access
  • e-learning resources
  • library access
  • remedial training including face-to-face tutoring, peer tutoring and online self-study.

Cultural support services

We provide assistance with:

  • preparation of travel documentation
  • airport arrivals and departures
  • settlement including accommodations, access to shopping, public transportation, medical services
  • understanding Canadian currency
  • orientation to Calgary and SAIT
  • cultural orientation
  • cooking classes
  • standard/emergency communication procedures
  • coordination of social and cultural activities
  • coordination of a graduation event.

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