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We build competitors

Good luck to our 2020 Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition team!

SAIT students and alumni compete on local, national and world stages.

From the classroom to the top of the podium, a SAIT education takes you places. SAIT students embark on the experience of a lifetime when they join a team of their peers to take on the world.

The Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition brings some of the best business students in the province together to create and compete. Faced with real-world business problems from a local industry partner, #TeamSAIT will draw on 21st century skills — those vital soft skills including collaboration and adaptability — and applied learning experiences to craft the solution.

The marketing magic will happen on SAIT’s campus from March 12-14. Cheer on the team and check back here to find out how SAIT alumni and past case competitors have used the event to help them get jobs in industry, and how #TeamSAIT came together to solve this year’s business problem.

Career, meet your competitive advantage.

team president

#TeamSAIT 2020 Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition



We Compete

SAIT alumna gets competitive career advantage

Mar. 11, 2020

The Alberta Deans Case Competition helps grad nab her first job in industry.

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Past Competitions

Read about our competitors and winners of 2019/20


We Compete

What makes a solid concrete toboggan team?

Jan. 21, 2020

SAIT’s Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Team is gearing up for another year of wins. Each member of the student club brings individual knowledge from their respective programs and personal experience so they can race against the best in North America.

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WorldSkills Competitors

Cyber pressure cooker

Sept. 17, 2019

Chefs Hayato Okamitsu and Andrew Springett are no strangers to heat in the kitchen. The SAIT instructors have both peeled, diced and sautéed up delectable creations in world-famous restaurants — and now they’re training the next generation of master chefs...

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WorldSkills Competitors

A recipe for competition

Sept. 09, 2019

Nolan Moskaluk is ready to open a mystery box of ingredients and race against the clock to compose a three-course menu in just four hours...

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WorldSkills Competitors

Competing in WorldSkills

Aug. 27, 2019

Competing in WorldSkills is like going to the Olympics — it takes incredible discipline and countless hours of training to reach the world stage. Being a contender is an accomplishment, let alone reaching the podium.

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