Why hire from SAIT? 

Meeting industry demand is what SAIT programs are all about. During their time at SAIT, our students develop the practical skills they need to hit the ground running in the workplace. 

You’ll be able to effectively evaluate potential permanent employees, all while reducing advertising and recruitment costs, improving retention of quality employees and connecting with new talent and ideas. 


Connection opportunities

There are many different ways to get involved with students at SAIT. Explore our opportunities below. 

Can't find the right fit? Learn more about ways you can recruit at SAIT

Work-integrated learning

Practicum, co-op and capstone project opportunities are a partnership between employers, students and SAIT to bring classroom learning to life in the workplace. You’ll have access to motivated, skilled and productive candidates as an employer.

To learn more about SAIT’s work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities and how you can connect with our students in the classroom, contact our Work Integrated Learning Liaison, Lara Schuelke, at lara.schuelke@sait.ca

Available opportunities

Become a clinical partner or preceptor

Specific to the healthcare industry, preceptors contribute to the future of healthcare by mentoring and coaching the next generation of professionals and plays a critical role in student training. 

Preceptor training


Financial support from both the Canadian and Alberta governments are available to help employers hire post-secondary students and offset their salaries as they complete valuable on-the-job learning.

SAIT grads get jobs

Learn why SAIT grads get hired – from the companies that hire them. Relationships with business and industry are core to SAIT. Our instructors are industry experts and our programming evolves through an industry lens. Your success starts at SAIT.

Watch the playlist

Deeanna Samera-Handbury, HR Manager and SAIT School of Hospitality and Tourism alumna (Hospitality Management '15) explains why SAIT students are ready to hit the ground running when they graduate and are perfect candidates for Delta Hotels by Marriott.
Theresa Smart, Manager of Supply Chain Performance, Interns and New Hires at Enbridge describes why SAIT grads are equipped with the practical, hands-on experience to be job ready.
Matt Hopfner, Community Manager and Hiring Manager at RBC shares what makes SAIT grads stand out as future employees for RBC.
Barry Blight, Vice President of Automation Systems at Spartan Controls speaks about the importance of hiring top technology grads and why SAIT education stands out in the tech industry.