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New SAIT department will help your organization prepare for the future world of work

September 24, 2018

At SAIT, we value our relationships with industry.

That's because strong partnerships are good for students, good for industry and good for SAIT. You know and trust SAIT to provide trained, skilled employees. But we'd like to offer you even more.

We've established a Corporate Engagement Office with one express purpose — to provide support to businesses. This one-stop-shop approach will help you connect with us, with other companies and find the solutions you need.

The solution provider

Susan Mainella is the director of the new Corporate Engagement Office at SAIT. She says it is precisely because partners mean so much that SAIT is dedicating the attention and resources to getting it right.

"We do a good job of working with partners," says Mainella. "The difference with this new mandate is that we're being even more strategic, coordinated and focused."

A recent audit revealed SAIT has more than 11,000 industry relationships.

"Our goal is to have industry call us first when they need something," says Mainella. "To me, that's when we've achieved success. You need workers? You call SAIT. You need employee training? You think of SAIT. We have so much to offer, from research with ARIS to customized leadership development. My job is to ensure partners know all we can do to help their business flourish."

SAIT offers many ways to enhance your business:

What you can expect from SAIT:

  • Coordinated approach and communication from SAIT 
  • Central and streamlined service delivery
  • Interaction with students, alumni and SAIT partners
  • Opportunities and connections. Our partners can become your partners

Working with SAIT is easy. Let us show you how we can help strengthen your business. For more information, please contact Susan Mainella, Director of Corporate Engagement at 403.210.4443 or susan.mainella@sait.ca.

Susan Mainella, Director, Corporate Engagement OfficeMeet Susan Mainella, Director, Corporate Engagement

Susan Mainella has hit the ground running as Director of the new Corporate Engagement Office. After almost seven years in SAIT's Alumni and Development department, Susan Mainella knows the many ways SAIT can add value to businesses.

Q: Why a focus on partnerships?

Mainella: There are a few reasons. It's a priority in our strategic plan. Partnerships are good for students, for industry and for SAIT. And our research shows us that fostering strong relationships contributes to a strong bottom line.

Q: What will success look like?

My big thing is service — it can be such a differentiator. We want our partners to feel wowed and think of us first because they know we'll help them solve their problem.

I like to use the word "concierge" because that's how I see this office operating. We can put industry contacts in touch with the people, services and answers they need.

Q: You mention service. Do you have a background in customer service?

I was in the hospitality industry for many years. I learned to never to underestimate the importance of the experience. I believe we have to be aware of how people feel when they interact with us. When we talk to them on the phone. When they walk on campus, do they feel welcome? What do we remember about them, how do we share information with them? All those things, delivered consistently, contribute to building the experience that leads to a long relationship.

Q: When did you last get great service?

My Shaw TV guy. He was very patient with me when he realized I wasn't getting the most out of my PVR, and I was less than tech savvy. He took the time to explain things without making me feel silly. Or old.

Q: What's your favourite spot to dine on the SAIT campus?

No question. The Highwood. Because of the service.

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