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From defining technology-development needs to a working prototype, our Applied Research and Innovation Services enable industry partners to complete all phases of pre-commercialization.

Our expert researchers, equipment, and facilities support business planning, product design and development, fabrication and prototyping, product testing, and technology verification, culminating in industry education and public outreach. 

Bringing an idea to Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) is the first in a series of steps we'll take together to get your novel technology closer to the market.

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Not only can we help you leverage your investment through our knowledge of various funding sources, but we can collaborate with you on project budgeting and planning, formalized research contracts and non-disclosure agreements that protect your intellectual property.

  • grant funding application
  • non-disclosure agreements and contracts
  • intellectual property protection
  • early-stage business planning
  • feasibility assessment
  • proof of concept
  • market identification/research
  • application identification

We excel at making your idea a reality. To take your concepts to commercialization, we provide engineering expertise, establish workable designs and develop product prototypes using 3D scanning and printing, as well as composite fabrication and novel hardware and software applications. We can also take lab-scale research and develop scaled-up systems for field-testing and beyond.

  • new application/technology/software design
  • product improvement
  • manufacturing process design
  • design and engineering services
  • construction consultation services
  • solids modelling/3D printing
  • performance simulation
  • prototype design

Whether you have already created a design or are working with an idea, we can help. We have an extensive collection of facilities and experts to help you with everything from prototype development to existing product enhancement.

  • new application/technology/software development
  • fabrication and installation services
  • metals and composite fabrication
  • materials and advanced-component assembly
  • technology integration and automation
  • manufacturing process development
  • prototype development

ARIS is a valuable third-party testing and technology-verification facility. Ask us about technology performance management and monitoring, destructive and non-destructive materials testing and chemical analysis.

  • alpha testing
  • technology verification/beta testing
  • chemical and analytical testing of solids, liquids and gases
  • process engineering technology testing
  • nanotechnology-based coating using atomic layer deposition or chemical vapour deposition
  • materials testing laser-induced breakdown technology (LIBS)]
  • performance management and monitoring
  • cost avoidance

ARIS can leverage its network to refer you to resources that can help you with business and marketing plans, IP protection and access to patenting services. All intellectual property remains with you — our Applied Research partner.

  • pre-commercial scale-up design
  • asset management
  • IP registration referrals
  • market navigation referrals
  • marketing assistance referrals

ARIS researchers are continuously engaged in training, workshops and seminars. They share success stories through industry events and conferences, media events and relevant industry journals.

  • training, workshops and seminars
  • education and industry transformation

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