Meet the Team

We seek the best in the business as we strive to provide our corporate partners with the training they need for their team members. Our training is customizable and we work with our instructors to provide detailed and hands-on experiences for your staff.


Craig Hess

Director of Global Corporate Development

Craig Hess has a keen sense of what makes a great team, and a well-honed ability to build and sustain one. As director of Global Corporate Development, he identifies the character traits, talents and skillsets of individuals that will mesh to deliver exceptional customer service and all-around positive results.

With an eye on delivering a superior client experience, Craig builds capacity to lead by example. His diligence, passion, and thought-provoking approach to problem-solving is meant to be contagious. He empowers his team through autonomy, fully respecting that everyone will do what it is they do best in their own way.

Craig joined SAIT after more than 17 years in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. His business acumen, training, and marketing know-how continues to help grow and influence individuals and organizations — and prepare them for the changing world of work.


Katyrna Gaudet

Client Development Manager

Katyryna’s focus is on building strategic partnerships, researching her clients’ training needs and finding solutions for organizations for the changing world of work.

The relationship-building piece is a big one in Katyryna’s role as she works to align identified training needs with targeted expertise at SAIT. She sustains those relationships for the long term, remaining actively engaged following any program delivery, helping clients identify opportunities to leverage their training investment by sharing related programming within and across their organizations.

Katyryna is a true advocate for lifelong learning and leading by example. Beyond her 13 years of work experience in sales and marketing, she has a Bachelor of Science in psychology and history, a myriad of certificates in management, human resources, sales and business development, and a recently achieved MBA (2019).


Lauren Bishop

Client Development Manager, Indigenous

Lauren Bishop is Corporate Training and International Solutions’ Client Development Manager, Indigenous. She works with Indigenous communities to identify training gaps and help build training programs that align with local economic development opportunities. Customization of programs shines in their delivery.

Lauren has a learned respect for Indigenous peoples and cultures. She’s a strong advocate for ensuring educational opportunities reach those who might otherwise be excluded. Her genuine, empathetic and engaged nature invites trust and nurtures mutually beneficial relationships.

Her degree is in communications, and she’s got sales-related training going back to her days in restaurant/bar management, but it’s mostly Lauren’s listening skills that make her exceptional in her current role. She’s invested in learning, embracing and then helping to advance the Indigenous storyline.


Amy Harvey

Client Development Manager

Amy Harvey is a client development manager with SAIT’s Corporate Training and International Solutions. She delves beneath the surface, conducting research and engaging one-on-one with key personnel, listening intently to fully understand her client organizations’ operations and long-term business goals. Then she helps assemble customized training solutions geared to address any identified skills gaps.

Before joining SAIT, Amy spent nearly two decades in advertising and media sales where the end product was both tangible and temporary in nature. Her focus has shifted to building progressive, long-term relationships and selling corporate development and training solutions designed to deliver ongoing rewards.

It’s a good fit for Amy. She respects and genuinely enjoys lifelong learning, goal setting and challenging the status quo.


Jean Dube

Indigenous Community Engagement Liaison

Jean Dube is an Indigenous community engagement liaison with SAIT’s Corporate Training Solutions. Jean is entrusted with connecting and engaging with members of all reserves and Métis settlements in Alberta.

During her time with SAIT, Jean has worked to recruit and support Indigenous students as an Indigenous Student Advisor. Today, Jean continues to collaborate with Indigenous and Métis communities to bring awareness of training opportunities and provide support to them and their students.

Jean’s education, experience and passion for adult lifelong learning and Indigenous communities demonstrate her true advocacy for equality and education for all. She continuously steps outside the box to find new opportunities to work with her clients and introduce new training opportunities as necessary.