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Energy and Environment

Our energy-related training and development programs are continuously updated to reflect the most current industry requirements and standards. Whether your organization is an up-and-coming local business or a leader in the Energy Sector — your team will receive the highest level of quality training.

Delivered through SAIT's MacPhail School of Energy — the first school of energy in Canada and one of only a handful of energy schools in North America — our labs and classrooms house sophisticated equipment, systems, and training infrastructure to prepare your employees for immediate, real-world application.

Supporting technical skills development 

Designed for the employees that have great potential or require cross-training to enhance skills for their current role — Energy Essentials will explore the principles of the Energy Sector while expanding their strengths. Providing you with a diverse team that will work cohesively.

Our training sessions are a valuable addition delivered directly by instructors with both field experience and technical skills from the industry.

It can be challenging as a business owner or operator to address any skills gap for current or new employees — SAIT is here to help. Participants will undergo competency-based occupation-related training programs in areas such as measurements, manufacturing processes, or level and pressure control, etc. These courses have a focus on the participants applying their learning to real-work situations.

With growing activity between Western Canada and the US — resources span several provinces and may intertwine with the United States — the need for land administrators to understand the differences in land practices between provinces and states is critical. 

At SAIT, we provide land administrators with an opportunity to increase their knowledge of land administration in the four Western provinces and/or introduce them to the diversity of land administration in the US.

SAIT offers a series of operations and maintenance courses, designed for individuals working in the energy industry, ranging from Worker Safety Management to Field and Gas Operations and Natural Gas Process Operations.

Our training sessions benefit anyone who requires LNG process operations knowledge, occupational health and safety knowledge, how to operate in field operations as entry-level field operators as well as learn new skills to work in LPG operations as entry-level gas plant operators.

Our petroleum courses will provide your team with the fundamental knowledge of petroleum measurement — devices, design, operation and maintenance.

They'll learn the processes and requirements to receive approvals and licenses for oil and gas activities including seismic exploration, lease construction, drilling and much more. These sessions will also be of interest for technical personnel and service organizations that deal directly with petroleum companies.

Our power engineering and power systems certification courses will provide employees with the study and experience needed to operate a power or heating plant in Alberta. Topics of study may include energy and momentum, centripetal force and acceleration, torque and torsion or fluids in motion.

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