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Helping industry prepare for the future world of work.

We want SAIT to be the partner your business turns to.

At SAIT, we value our relationships with industry. You know and trust us to provide trained, skilled employees. But we'd like to offer you even more. Let us show you how we can help your business succeed.

  • We will anticipate future labour needs and add value to industry.
  • We will focus on partnerships with industry looking for skilled graduates, with companies in need of solutions and with governments eager to fuel local and global economies.
  • We will deliver a best-practice service model to make it easier for industry to connect with SAIT.
  • We will connect our partners to students, alumni and SAIT partners.

SAIT's Corporate Engagement Office is a one-stop-shop designed to help you connect with us, with other companies and find the solutions you need.


industry partners


organizations worldwide taking advantage of SAIT training programs


industry and government applied research projects

Training solutions

Annually, SAIT Corporate and International Training Solutions delivers a portfolio of 55+ training products and services to 200+ organizations around the world. We're here to help you build the skills and professional development of your workforce — for today and the future.

Research & innovation

With the expertise and facilities to solve your business challenges, SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services department is a gateway to applied research for industry. Our unique service offerings, labs, equipment and expertise enable us to collaborate with organizations to solve problems and transform concepts into working prototypes.

Applied Research and Innovation Services

Sponsorship & giving

Organizations have found success in effectively building and marketing their brands on the SAIT campus to more than 15,000 students and 2,000 faculty. The SAIT team can assist in developing custom opportunities that align directly with your business objectives and community investment priorities. 

Advisory Committees

These committees — organized by program, area or school — connect SAIT leaders, industry leaders, governments and private organizations' representatives and community members to gather input, discuss and make recommendations on SAIT's programming. 

Employee recruitment

SAIT graduates have a 90% employment rate and 98% of employers say they would hire a SAIT graduate again. Our alumni are driving innovation, building communities, and leading businesses worldwide. SAIT's Career Advancement Services can help your organization advertise positions and coordinate a customized employee recruitment session. 

Corporate Engagement Office

SAIT’s Corporate Engagement Office uses a one-stop-shop approach to help you explore the services and opportunities available to find a solution to your business needs.
Randy Paquette, Director, SAIT Corporate Engagement Office

Randy Paquette


Tel: 403.774.5474

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