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Our Areas of Interest give you the ability to view SAIT programs in terms of the traits and aptitudes they tend to attract. Are you analytical, creative, organized, nurturing, curious or a combination of all these and more? Explore our Areas of Interest to find programs suited to your unique personality and preferences.

Our flexible programs and courses help you explore your options and gain admission into a post-secondary program.
Shape the business world of tomorrow, transform ideas into accomplishments and lead with confidence with a career in business and leadership.
Build, install, repair. Practical skills with the right education leads to careers in construction and trades in any industry from aviation to electrical.
Embrace an appetite for inspiration in the kitchen or cater to people's love for travel.
The energy and environment sector offers a wide range of careers. Find a career from water conservation, managing electrical energy, or land management.
Design buildings/systems or develop electronics in a range of industries, from architecture, aviation and energy, with a career in engineering technologies.
Nurture, support and enhance the lives of others with a career in healthcare, from aiding people hands-on to working in medical labs, hospitals and offices.
Develop software, mobile or computer applications, troubleshoot technology or set up databases and computer systems.
The manufacturing sector covers a wide range of careers revolving around the design, fabrication and repair of everything from equipment to electrical systems.
Share news, ideas and information with others through a career in the media and communications field.
Careers in the field of transportation cover everything from repairing all types of vehicle engines, electrical systems or body work, to managing those who do.
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