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Add a certification to your credential. Learn more about becoming blue, gold and red seal certified in specific trades, courses and programs offered at SAIT.

Red Seal certification

The Red Seal Certificate is known as the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. It recognizes journeypersons as trained to Canada-wide standards. A provincially certified journeyperson can receive an official Red Seal endorsement that signifies their knowledge and abilities to meet the national industry standards.

To achieve a Red Seal endorsement, apprentices must complete their apprenticeship and be awarded journeyperson status. This means completion of all working hours of on-the-job training, technical training and passing marks on all Trade Qualification Exams.

Achieving a Red Seal endorsement will allow journeypersons to work across Canada with no additional training, which allows for career mobility. Having a Red Seal endorsement is often the top credential a tradesperson can possess in the industry.


Blue Seal certification

Blue Seal Certificate or achievement in the Business Competencies program is a credential offered by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) to individuals with a valid Alberta journeyperson (journeyman) certificate, Alberta Occupational Certificate, or another valid trade certificate recognized in Alberta.

Holding a Blue Seal demonstrates that a journeyperson has successfully achieved a reasonable level of business education— 150 hours— and knowledge of various business subject areas such as entrepreneurship, accounting, human resources, management skills and more.

The advantage of earning your Blue Seal is that you will develop valuable business and management knowledge to supervise a team, manage finances or even start your own business.

At SAIT, we offer a convenient and flexible pathway to earning your Blue Seal certificate through programs and courses offered by our Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies.

With dozens of business-related courses as well as pre-approved programs to choose from, you can obtain your Blue Seal through part-time studies, online studies or a combination of both.

Once you have completed your program or courses at SAIT and have reached the 150-hour work requirement, you must fill out the Blue Seal application form online through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) and submit your official SAIT transcripts along with the application fee to any Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training office.

Gold Seal certification

The Gold Seal Certificate is a standardized program supporting the development of skilled Canadian Construction and Heavy Civil management professionals across Canada, upholding expectations and standards of excellence. All Gold seal certified management professionals have been assessed and meet the Gold Seal standard requirements of industry knowledge, experience, education and training.

The Gold Seal certification program certifies Canadian construction management professionals — estimators, superintendents, project managers, owner's construction managers and safety coordinators — involved in general, electrical or mechanical contracting, roadbuilding and heavy construction or specialty trades. Applicants require a combination of industry experience, education and training to take the Gold Seal exam, and if successful become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

In 2015, the Gold Seal Certification passed the 10,000 certificate holder mark. Many GSC's want to stay current and register as Professional Gold Seal Certified (PGSC) which is a biennial designation requiring the certificate holder to gain a certain number of credits in five activity categories.

If you have less than five years of experience in your designation, you must first register as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI) or Gold Seal Intern (Safety). You'll have up to five years to meet the Gold Seal Certification requirements and to take the Gold Seal exam to become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

If you have over five years of experience in your designation, you may apply for Gold Seal Certification (GSC) or Gold Seal Certification (Safety). If your application meets the requirements, you can take the Gold Seal exam to become Gold Seal Certified.

If you already have your Gold Seal Certification and want to stay current, you can apply for Professional Gold Seal Certified (PGSC). Every two years, you will need to demonstrate that you are still working in the designation in which you were certified and that you have done professional upgrading activities. 

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