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Blended Apprenticeship Learning

We offer a blended learning option that combines online courses with labs on campus for the following trades:

What is blended learning?

SAIT's blended learning programs allow apprentices to do the theory portion of their training online - using videos, simulations and electronic assessments - before coming to campus for hands-on training in our state-of-the-art labs and shops.

Those who choose blended learning spend about half the time at SAIT than full-time apprenticeship students.

The advantage of blended learning

Blended learning benefits both apprentices and employers because apprentices can complete their education while staying on the job.

Apprentices still receive the same instruction as those not in the blended learning program, but have more time to complete the theory portion of their education.

Additional benefits include:

  • all the privileges of traditional apprenticeship students, including access to the library, gym, tutoring and career planning
  • learning from skilled instructors online and in class
  • access to state-of-the-art training equipment
  • help preparing for practical exams
  • the opportunity to take the Alberta Apprenticeship Technical exam at SAIT.

Is blended learning right for me?

Apprentices who are self-motivated, like to work at their own speed and have earned high marks in their previous training periods are the most successful in the blended learning program.

You will be responsible for setting the pace of your education and must complete the courses in the required timeframe, so self-discipline and making the time commitment is key.

Students who are most often successful in blended learning:

  • achieved an average grade of 80% or better in their last training period
  • clearly communicate questions and challenges to the course instructor
  • commit time each day to the program and set interim goals
  • have access to a computer and are comfortable working on it


You first need to register with Alberta Apprenticeship Industry and Training before registering for a SAIT apprenticeship program.

After you've been admitted, SAIT will send you materials for the theory part of your training. Once you've completed all the online modules, you will come to campus for the in-class portion.

To complete each period, you will need to finish all of the online modules and the in-class labs.

Visit Trade Secrets for more information and program start dates.

Find out more about the registration process.

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