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Solar Roller

Solar Roller

The Solar Roller mobile lab is managed by the Green Building Technologies research area. It is used for research, training and education and outreach events.

Generating Power Anywhere, Anytime.

The Solar Roller is a fully functional, mobile trailer that is equipped with solar power generation and off-grid telecommunications equipment.

Facility highlights

The mobile lab is a 14- by 18-foot cargo trailer-conversion constructed by SAIT researchers, faculty, industry partners and students. A customized solar module racking system is built into the roof and holds moveable solar modules that sit at a 45-degree angle to capture optimal sunlight. The panels fold in and stack on top of each other for transport.

It features a battery-based solar system that captures and stores energy from the sun, as well as a computer monitoring station, battery storage, and lab capabilities for experiential learning.

In addition to providing a hands-on research and learning tool for students and industry partners, the Solar Roller is fully functional and doubles as a mobile, remote source of power.

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