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Green Building Technology (GBT) Lab and Demonstration Centre

Green Building Technology (GBT) Lab and Demonstration Centre

The Green Building Technology Lab and Demonstration Centre is managed by the Green Building Technologies (GBT) research area.

As an applied research facility, the GBT Lab and Demonstration Centre provides hands-on training and industry-based experience. Working in cooperation with builders, government, regulatory bodies and numerous other stakeholders, the GBT team brings new products and processes to the green building marketplace. On-campus research facilities are flexible, living laboratories.

This project was funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Government of Alberta, Royal Bank of Canada, and Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund.

Leading the Industry in Net-Zero Energy Design and Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions

With learning opportunities at its core, GBT engages students and researchers from multiple disciplines across different contexts and projects. Projects typically undertaken by GBT connect consumers, industry and education to deliver residential and commercial building solutions. The GBT research area offers a broad range of service lines, technical consultation and “R&D” resources, including building-integrated solar and water technologies as well as green materials fabrication, prototyping and product testing.

Facility highlights

The GBT Lab and Demonstration Centre (the “Centre”) is a 6,350-square-foot living and breathing example of energy efficiency, building-integrated green technologies, and renewable energy solutions. With additional square footage dedicated to specialized workshops, testing bays, storage and a large construction staging area, the entire facility totals over 16,800 square feet of research infrastructure.

Centre facility highlights include

  • Building Integrated Solar and Rainwater Harvesting Labs
  • Solar Roller Mobile Lab
  • Green roof test plots for water dispersion control and building energy monitoring
  • Structural testing jigs for new building product performance measurement
  • Guarded hot box for wall and roof system performance testing
  • Lifecycle testing for wall, roof, cladding and building components
  • Electrical, plumbing and carpentry workshops
  • 5,800 square-foot pre-manufactured construction and staging area
  • Solar carport and electric vehicle charging bays
  • Smart building monitoring and performance measurement
  • Solar aquatic and constructed wetland bio-filtration
  • Living wall comparative test plots

60 Fowler Dr. NW
Calgary, AB
T2M 0L4

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