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Applied Research and Innovation Services
CA416, Aldred Centre
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
1301 - 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB   T2M 0L4

Phone:  403.284.7056
Fax:  403.210.4373
Email:  applied.research@sait.ca


Services Contacts

Rick Tofani Director 403.774.5301 rick.tofani@sait.ca
Donna Bilyk Administrative Assistant - ARIS Main Office 403.774.5067 donna.bilyk@sait.ca
Janet Bliss Administrative Assistant - Enerplus Centre for Innovation 403.284.8958 janet.bliss@sait.ca
Carole Doucet Love Grants Coordinator 403.774.4851 carole.doucetlove@sait.ca
Joe Petermann Student Initiatives Coordinator 403.284.7251 joe.petermann@sait.ca
Lora Bucsis CD&AR Marketing Manager 403.284.8889  
Priya Reynaud CD&AR Business Operations 403.284.7346 priya.reynaud@sait.ca


Research Contacts

Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions

Chris Zaal Research Associate 403.210.4040 chris.zaal@sait.ca

Environmental Technologies

Ken Omotani Research Associate 403.284.8794 ken.omotani@sait.ca

Green Building Technologies

David Silburn Research Associate; GBTAC General Manager 403.284.7058 david.silburn@sait.ca

Sports and Wellness Engineering Technologies; Design, Testing and Fabrication

Emerson Burns Acting Research Associate 403.284.8927 emerson.burns@sait.ca

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Ken Whitehead Research Associate 403.774.5404 ken.whitehead@sait.ca

Industrial Research Chair for Colleges

Vita Martez IRCC, Oil Sands In-Situ Steam Generation 403.284.8548 vita.martez@sait.ca

Kinetica Innovation Centre at SAIT

Brian Dorn KICS Lab Coordinator 403.284.8387 brian.dorn@sait.ca


Bob Davies Manager; Principal Investigator 403.284.8116 robert.davies@sait.ca

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