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Innovative Student Projects Fund

  • Select a project that address a real world problem, challenge or need
  • Choose an industry project sponsor as a partner and mentor
  • Complete your application for ISPF funding
    • Have a realistic plan
    • Clearly explain the innovation involved in your solution
    • Have a clear, realistic breakdown of the costs
    • Avoid jargon and explain key terms
  • Make a three-minute presentation to the ISPF review panel
    • A clear description of your project
    • A concise overview of the innovation
    • A justification of why you need the funding
  • Get approved for funding (remember: it is on a reimbursement basis so you must keep and submit all receipts)
  • Complete your project
    • Complete the project outcomes report
    • Complete the expense claim and submit receipts to get reimbursed

Contact our student initiatives coordinator:

Timothy Huynh

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