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Syd Loeppky

1993 Distinguished Alumnus

Syd Loeppky, 1993 SAIT Distinguished Alumnus
Syd Loeppky, SVT '65

2017 Update

Syd Loeppky (SVT '65), retired

"When I received my award from SAIT, I was president of a land surveying company. I had my own company, S.M. Loeppky and Associates, for 28 years. The work I did was a direct parallel to the courses I took at SAIT. We were quite active in surveying and land planning. We merged with Stantec, a multinational company, and I stayed on few years before moving to another company. I pretty much retired about five years ago.

I still help my friends in the neighbourhood with the old-school surveying when they need it. I have always loved surveying. My intent was to go through the Land Survey Technology program then to back to university for civil engineering, but I enjoyed it so much. I realized I could put my education to work and become a commissioned land surveyor, so that's what I did. I'm very pleased that I had a career where I could do something I really enjoyed. Some days were better than others — I don't miss working outside in -40°C - but it was wonderful overall.

I've also lectured at SAIT and the university. One of the things that us old-school boys try to teach is why things are the way they were in terms of looking at the old surveys. You have to understand the technology and language of the day. The measuring in the good old days of township surveys used a 66-foot chain. Now, with GPS you can split an atom. But you still need to understand the old way."

Syd Loeppky's original plan was to move into Civil Engineering after graduating from SAIT's Surveying Technology program in 1965. He enjoyed surveying so much that he made it his life's work, receiving his commission as an Alberta Land Surveyor in 1970. He ran his own firm, S.M Loeppky and Associates, for 28 years before merging with multinational Stantec Geomatics. He received awards from the Canadian Home Builders' Association and the Alberta Land Surveyors, among others. Syd holds an honorary life membership with the Alberta Land Surveyor's Association, an organization where he once served as president.