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SAIT digs up a 25-year-old time capsule

While people were watching Thelma and Louise on the big screen and listening to Nirvana on CD players, the SAIT Alumni Association was building SAIT's most recent time capsule and filling it full of memorabilia that spoke to what life was like 25 years ago.

The four-foot-long cylinder was buried in 1991 as part of SAIT's 75th anniversary celebrations. It was originally placed in front of the John Ware building but had to be moved to a spot between the John Ware and Senator Burns buildings at a later date. The time capsule was dedicated to the SAIT community and interred with the intention that it be opened during the centenary celebrations in October 2016.

The SAIT Alumni Association time capsule buried in 1991 will be opened and on display for the centennial celebrations in October.

"We knew that our 100-year anniversary would be a momentous occasion, and a 25-year time capsule would be our last chance to commemorate the milestone with an historical tip of the hat," says Jim Fehr, SAIT alumnus (SMP '80), former Alumni Association member and current instructor in SAIT's sheet metal program.

Recently, the time capsule was successfully liberated with an auger, a hoister forklift, and the expertise of a number of people who have been part of the SAIT community for decades, including SAIT employees Sig Zoller, manager of Maintenance, Grounds and Renovation Services and Benny Rao, Operations Coordinator. Both Zoller and Rao were members of the Alumni Association along with Fehr when the time capsule was buried 25 years ago.

None of them will say what's in the time capsule — they don't want to ruin the surprise. But they're all planning on joining the crowds on October 16 to view the various artifacts that will be on display. The contents of SAIT's 50th anniversary time capsule will also be exhibited for the public during the event.

Planning is also currently underway for the next time capsule to mark SAIT's 100th anniversary. There will be a public book available to sign that will go into the capsule, scheduled to be opened in 2116 — SAIT's 200th birthday. The capsule will also contain the commemorative edition of LINK being released in time for the party and SAIT is currently asking the community for suggestions on what else should go inside.

"I'd put in a flash memory stick filled with pictures of how the campus has dramatically changed since I started here in 1984," says Zoller.

Tell us what you'd put in the time capsule! Email your suggestions and ideas to sait100@sait.ca.

For more details and to register for the Alumni Centennial Day on October 15 or the 100th Birthday Party on October 16, visit sait.ca/100.

Written by Christian Brown

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