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SAIT alumna in command of campus space

A true problem solver, Delisa Daniel views SAIT as a thousand-piece puzzle. As SAIT's Landlord, it's her job to juggle the academic and departmental needs of SAIT staff and students with the school's finite space.

"My role is to try to sort through the puzzle pieces and help people find space solutions," she says.

"It's a lot of thoughtful work, but a lot of detailed work, and no two days are the same."

The challenge lies in the few occasions when Daniel can't find a solution to room-related problems, or when there simply isn't enough space to accommodate everyone and every request. But her busy days are all worth it when she can figure out a solution and provide people with the spaces they require.

A graduate of SAIT's Business Administration program, Daniel (BA '97) has served as SAIT's landlord since 2008, and in this role she acts as a liaison with departments like Information Systems and Facilities Management. Though typical landlord duties such as leasing spaces and collecting rent aren't part of her job, she is responsible for room inventory (keeping track of the rooms on campus and their capacity); performing renovation reviews (an annual decision-making process); and overseeing stewardship programs to maintain SAIT e-Learning classrooms, desks and instructor work stations.

All space is SAIT space

As landlord, she likes to say that "All space is SAIT space, and all space is a landlord space." The only zones excluded from her list of on-campus responsibilities are the school's residence buildings.

In March 2015, Daniel's work became even busier when the role of Manager, Operations was added to her duties. These responsibilities - which include overseeing the school's custodial work, waste management, distribution centre, general services, and the scheduling of annual cleaning of carpets, entrance mats and windows - "have added a whole other dimension" to her days.

Regardless of which role occupies the majority of a given day, Daniel is constantly on the move - the pedometre she carries with her usually racks up 10,000 steps a day.

Despite her hectic schedule, there's one spot on campus that can calm any storm Daniel is weathering: the meeting room on the 22nd floor of the Begin Tower residence building.

"There's something very peaceful about that room. I could probably stay up there for days and stare out the windows," she says. As a lover of scenery, this makes sense: the room offers stunning views of Calgary's downtown core, Heritage Hall, SAIT's newer buildings, and students bustling about campus.

"It gives you a bird's-eye view of everything on campus, and why we're here at SAIT."

Written by Giselle Wedemire
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