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Transfer Within

Certificate to diploma to degree

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How to transfer after you've completed your credential

You must apply to the program and select "Full-time Transfer" as your application type. You must also meet the admission requirements, which may include completion of a certificate or diploma.

You're expected to complete the graduation requirements of a program:

  • within five years of starting a certificate, graduate certificate, post-diploma certificate or certificate of achievement,
  • within seven years of beginning a diploma or applied degree,
  • and within 10 years of starting a baccalaureate.

This time limitation begins on the date that you start the first course in the credential. Under significant extenuating circumstances, the vice president, academic, in consultation with the dean and the registrar, may approve your request to extend the program completion time.

Check out transfer agreements to SAIT programs

SAIT to SAIT course equivalency

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You may request that the academic chair/coordinator responsible for the course you're registered in assess another SAIT course(s) for equivalency at any time before the mid-point of the course for which you're seeking equivalency.

If you are registered in the course for which equivalency is being sought, and you wish to receive a tuition refund, you must request the determination of equivalency before the end of the add/drop period (or the cancellation deadline, in the case of a continuing education course) for that course. 

Changing your SAIT program

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If you're already a SAIT student (accepted and have paid fees) and wish to switch to a different program, this is called a program transfer. You're able to do a program transfer if you meet the following:

  • it is during the official add/drop period of the academic semester (with no break in attendance)
  • if space is available in the program
  • if you've met the admission requirements for the new program
  • if you've obtained the approval (signature) of both Academic Chairs/Coordinators involved in the transfer

Once you've met the above requirements and approvals, you'll need to submit a Program Transfer form to the Office of the Registrar, pay the transfer fee and any difference in tuition fees arising from the transfer.

Dual-credit programs

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SAIT has partnered with local school boards and with industry partners to offer several dual-credit programs for high school students in Grades 11 and 12. Designed to keep students engaged in learning, dual-credit opportunities allow high school students to graduate with their diploma and a post-secondary course or program at the same time. SAIT dual-credit courses are offered at no cost.

If you've been accepted into a SAIT program, you can have your dual-credit program applied: 

  • If you've taken a dual-credit program at SAIT, contact the Academic Chair for the program you have applied to, to receive either SAIT to SAIT equivalency or if a grad adjustment is required.
  • If you've taken a dual-credit program outside of SAIT, follow the Transfer Options application process.
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