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When you Apply

Applications to SAIT programs are submitted online in one of two portals:

If you're:
  • A Canadian citizen (including a dual-citizen of Canada), OR
  • A permanent resident of Canada, OR
  • A refugee in Canada
  • Not a Canadian citizen, OR
  • A temporary resident (including those with a study permit, work permit or visitor Visa), OR
  • Living in Canada but do not have permanent resident or refugee status
You will apply on ApplyAlberta You will apply on SAIT's self-service system

To apply on ApplyAlberta*

*For domestic students

When you begin an online application, you'll be redirected to  ApplyAlberta — a centralized online application used by most Alberta post-secondary institutes.

Create a myAlberta Digital ID account

Create a MyAlberta Digital ID account. Take note of your username and password, as you will need this information to access other Alberta Advanced Education services such as the Alberta student loan application.

  • If you've used ApplyAlberta before Jan. 22, 2019, you'll have a SIAMS (Secure Identity and Access Management System) account.
  • After you create a MyAlberta Digital ID account, transfer your current SIAMS account to your newly created MyAlberta Digital ID account. If you can't remember your SIAMS login information, contact their  Helpdesk.

Find your Alberta Student Number (ASN)

All Alberta students are assigned an ASN number — find yours at the  Learner Registry. If you have never been to school in Alberta, one will be issued for you when you start the application.

Authorize transcripts

You will need to authorize SAIT to request your Alberta transcripts so your final grades are transferred electronically to us at no cost. After you write your diploma exams, your final transcript will be sent over.

If you went to school outside of Alberta, find out how to submit your transcripts and documents.

Fill in your personal and academic profile

After you finish completing your personal information, you'll be required to enter your academic history. This includes any high school and post-secondary institutes you've attended and the grades you have — or will — achieve in the subjects required for admission to your program of choice.

Alberta high school and post-secondary education

If you're currently taking — or planning to take — courses required for admission to your program, you need to enter your anticipated final grades in the High School Courses and Marks section. We will use these marks to determine program eligibility before your final grades are available.

You don't need to enter grades for courses you've already completed as we'll receive your transcript to date right away.

Canadian high school and post-secondary education

If you're currently taking — or planning to take — courses required for admission to your program, you need to enter your anticipated final grades in the High School Courses and Marks section.

If you've already completed a course required for admission, enter your final grade. We will use these marks to determine program eligibility before your final transcript is available.  

Choose your program

Select the application type for your program — full-time for most programs — and choose the admission term when your program starts. You will need to know when your program starts — fall, winter or spring — because if you choose the wrong admission term, your program of choice will not be listed under the Planned Course of Study options.

Submit your application

You'll need a Visa or Mastercard to pay the $120 CAD application fee.

Provide your transcripts or anticipated final grades

If you did not complete the High School and Marks section in the online application and you're currently taking a course required for admission or waiting for a document assessment, make sure you fill out an Anticipated Final Grades form. We will use this to determine program eligibility until we receive your final transcripts and documents.

I'm ready to apply

Apply through SAIT's self-service system*

*For international students

Create your temporary ID

If you have never applied to SAIT before, you’ll need to create a temporary ID and a password. This can be used to correspond with SAIT, submit subsequent applications to different programs and track your application status until your permanent SAIT ID number is provided to you (this is usually sent within one business day.) 

If you have an existing SAIT ID and password, log in with this.

Select the application type and admission term

 Select what type of application you are submitting from the drop-down menu:

  • 1 – International application (for a full-time academic program)
  • 2 – International upgrading (for the English Language Foundations or Academic Upgrading programs)
  • 3 – Non-credit student account (select to register for admissions tests)

On the following screen, you’ll indicate which term you wish to begin your studies (fall, winter, spring or summer) and enter your legal name.

Complete the application checklist

Begin filling out your application checklist by selecting the Additional Name Information link. Continue through the checklist to provide:

  • your legal name
  • your home address and telephone number
  • your personal information including email, birth date, gender and resident status
  • your citizenship information and native language
  • the program you wish to apply for
  • whether you worked with an authorized agent
  • your anticipated final grades. This includes if you:
    • have been educated outside of Canada and need us to evaluate your documents
    • are awaiting the results of your international document assessment
    • are currently enrolled or plan to enroll in high school or academic upgrading courses
    • are waiting for your official transcripts to be sent to SAIT.

You’ll also be asked to complete an applicant questionnaire and review the FOIP and ApplyProof statements.

Pay your non-refundable application fee

Your international application fee payment of $150 CAD can be made using Visa or Mastercard credit card. Our system cannot accept debit card payments for any application. 

After your payment is made, you’ll be reminded of your temporary login information.

Your application will now be complete.

I'm ready to apply

After you apply

About a week after you apply, we will send you an email with your SAIT ID number and instructions to monitor your application.

What you need to do after you've applied

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