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After You Apply

Next steps after your application

You will be able to monitor your application status under your mySAIT account. Based on the transcripts and documents we receive, your application will be evaluated and assigned a decision.

  • Decisions aren't final and your application will be re-evaluated as it progresses through the admission process.

Application status

After your application is evaluated, your decision will be updated to one of the statuses below. When you submit updated documentation or progress through the competitive entry selection process, your application decision will be updated.

Missing documents

Missing documents means we have not received the transcripts/documentation required to make a decision on your application. Review your application checklist to see the admission requirements needed for the program.

If your transcripts/documents aren't received within 30 days your application decision will be changed to declined - missing requirements.

Pending evaluation

Pending evaluation means your application will be evaluated for eligibility after the results of your transcript/document assessment are received.

  • Complete and submit an Anticipated Final Grades form, we will use this information for admission until we receive the results of your transcript/document evaluation.

International students

If you are an international student, please refer to our International Centre for further guidance and information.

In selection

In selection means you have met the admission requirements or submitted anticipated final grades and have been placed in selection for the program. Selection may be based on career investigation, resumé and references, aptitude testing, academic ranking, or an interview.

  • Review your program's admission information to ensure you're familiar with the selection dates and criteria.
  • We recommend you add the sait.ca domain to your safe senders list or you risk missing email messages critical to your selection process.
  • If your program has more than one step in the selection process, your application decision may be updated to in continued selection.
  • If you are not successful in the selection process or do not complete the selection criteria within the program's timeline, your application will be declined through selection.

Qualified waitlist means you are qualified for admission to the program but have been placed on a waitlist. You will be offered admission to the program if a seat becomes available.

  • Seats can be offered until the program start date — be prepared by having your funding and living arrangements in place.
  • If your application decision is waitlist/documents required you need to submit your final transcripts before the transcript deadline.

Secondary waitlist means your application, transcripts, or documents were received after the program selection deadline and you have been placed on a secondary waitlist.

  • Review the program's admission and selection dates and consider applying for the next intake.

Applicants on a waitlist can apply for another program or have their current application moved to a future intake within the same academic year. Contact the Office of the Registrar and include your SAIT ID number.

Declined — missing requirements

Declined — missing requirements means you have not met the minimum admission requirements for the program. If you submit additional transcripts and/or documents within the program's application period, your application will be re-evaluated.

Offered seat

Offered seat means you have been offered admission to a program. Congratulations.

  • Contact Office of the Registrar to pay the tuition deposit and confirm your seat.
  • Your tuition deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and the money will be applied to your account and will go towards your first-semester tuition payment.
  • If you pay your tuition deposit and are offered a seat in another SAIT program, you can transfer the deposit if the program starts in the same academic term.
  • If your application decision is offered seat/documents required, your offer is conditional and you will need to submit your final transcripts before the transcript deadline. If you do not achieve your anticipated final grades, your offer of admission may be rescinded.
Confirmation paid

Confirmation paid means that we've received your tuition deposit and your seat in the program is now confirmed.

  • If your application decision is confirmation paid/documents required your confirmation is conditional. You need to submit your final transcripts before the transcript deadline. If you do not achieve your anticipated final grades, your offer of admission may be rescinded.

While you wait

Check your email

Within a week, you will receive an email acknowledging that SAIT has received your application, which will include your SAIT ID number and instructions on how to login to mySAIT where you can monitor your application decision.

If your contact information changes, complete this form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

Tuition and financial aid

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Scholarships and awards

You can apply for SAIT awards after you've been accepted to a program and paid your tuition deposit.

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