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SAIT Start

Welcome to SAIT. Welcome to SAIT Start!

SAIT Start is your one-stop for all the information you need
to start strong, succeed, grow, and thrive!

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance into your program at SAIT!

We are thrilled you are now part of our vibrant student community.

Being a new domestic, international, or apprentice student at SAIT is an exciting and important time. But a new school and a new learning environment also mean a lot of information to process and questions to be answered.

SAIT is committed to making your transition a successful one. Our SAIT Start onboarding experience welcomes you to our SAIT community, offers a blueprint for academic success, and guides you to all the services, resources and campus life activities that are available to support you. 

What is SAIT Start?

SAIT Start is an online onboarding experience developed specifically for first-year students to prepare them for academic success prior to beginning classes. The information then remains accessible throughout the semester for quick and easy reference.

SAIT Start is presented as seven modules that are completed in order. It's designed so information can be accessed easily from any device, whether you are at home or on to go. You may pause at any time and resume from where you left off. Working through all sections of SAIT Start should take no more than 45 minutes.

We think you'll enjoy the interactive nature of the SAIT Start platform and strongly encourage you to complete all the modules. Those who complete SAIT Start will be entered into a draw for one of two $250 Amazon gift cards!*

*See contest rules and regulations 

What we'll cover

Read about SAIT’s history, values and the Indigenous land it is situated on. View welcome videos from SAIT’s President and a member of SAIT’s student community.

Get tips for academic success. Review SAIT’s policies regarding academic integrity, attendance, and grading and progression. Learn how to calculate your grades and navigate SAIT Technology. If you are a domestic or international student, do not forget to complete PREP 100 and ETHI 110! If you are an apprentice, be sure to complete PREP 145 and MATH 145!

Looking for a tutor or an academic coach? Need information about our library or wellness services? Not to worry. This section covers all these services and more! Learn about all the resources SAIT offers in support of your success.

There is more to your SAIT experience than academics. Connect with your classmates outside the classroom. Join a club. Attend a Saitsa event. Volunteer. There is always something happening in the SAIT community!

Attending SAIT is an investment in your future but it can be expensive. Learn about the types of financial aid. Use our online tool to calculate the cost of your education. Explore tips on managing your money.

This section provides information about SAIT’s policies governing behaviour standards to keep you and members of our SAIT community safe. Explore resources for well-being. Take a fitness class through Athletics and Recreation. Be sure to download the SAIT Alert app from Google Play or the Apple store!

You are almost ready to start! Use our handy checklist to track tasks you still may need to complete to be truly ready.

How to register and access SAIT Start

You may access SAIT Start as soon as you have been accepted into your program!

You will need your SAIT ID and a preferred email address (other than your SAIT email) to create an account.

You may complete SAIT Start at any time, but it's recommended you do so prior to the start of class. Future students and student supporters may also access SAIT Start by registering through the guest portal.

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Program orientation

In addition to SAIT Start, many academic schools provide an online or in-person program-specific orientation.

Program-specific orientation is your opportunity to connect with instructors and classmates before your studies begin. They are usually held the week before classes begin or the first day of classes, depending on your program.

Most apprenticeship programs provide an orientation prior to or on the first day of classes.  These orientations may be online or on campus, depending on how your training period has been set up.  An orientation by Alberta Industry and Training (AIT) is usually scheduled during the first week of classes.  This orientation may also be online or on campus, depending on how your training period has been set up.

The information provided by SAIT Start has been designed to complement this orientation. Watch your email for details or check the next steps tab on your program page.

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