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Congrats! You're in! 

You're joining a community of shapers, makers and originals people who are exceptionally skilled and love what they do. 

Fall 2020 international students: It's time to start on your next steps!

We know you'll have lots of questions before you start — here’s what you need to know to make your transition to SAIT an easy one. 

What you should be doing now

✅ Check it off the list this week

  • Log in to Brightspace (D2L) for access to ETHI 110 and PREP 100.
  • Save the date for your program orientation and orientation week events.
  • Apply for student awards.
  • Complete the SAIT Entrance Survey. Log in to Brightspace (D2L) and click the link in the pop-up or check your email for a personalized invitation. 

📰 SAIT goes smoke free

SAIT is a smoke-free campus, effective Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. If you're coming to campus, please note you can no longer smoke anywhere, on any campus. If you do leave to smoke, you may not be allowed back into campus buildings due to health guidelines related to COVID-19.

Plan ahead

📝 Stay on track to start at SAIT

Accept your offer

To accept your offer, pay your tuition deposit, which will be applied to your tuition balance.

Tuition deposit and payment

Next steps for your program

At SAIT, each program is different. Find out what you'll need before your first day by reviewing your specific next steps on your program page.

Visit your program page 

Accessibility and accommodations

Connect with an Accessibility Services advisor as soon as possible if you need to set up a classroom accommodation or get support for a health condition or disability while you're a student. They can also help with funding applications for adaptive equipment.

Accessibility services

Apply for residence

SAIT Residence buildings will be open this fall. Housing assignments will promote physical distancing — one student will be roomed in a two-bedroom suite and two students will be roomed in a four-bedroom suite. All residents will have their own washroom. Check out our rates and plans, and apply now.

SAIT residence

Course registration

All students will receive an email from SAIT when registration opens. Usually, this will be about two months before the first day of classes.

To register, you’ll choose a block of courses or individual courses as applicable to your program through mySAIT. Register before your tuition payment deadline and register early to secure a seat in your required courses.

Registration and schedules

After you're registered in classes

⏱️ Important deadlines

  • Final transcript deadline: If you've been conditionally accepted to SAIT pending final grades —  Confirmation Paid - Documents Required — from Grade 12, academic upgrading or international document assessment, don't forget  final documents are due by Aug. 1.
  • Tuition payment deadline: Tuition for the semester will be due on the first business day of the month before classes begin. 
  • Recognition of prior learning deadline: If you're a transfer student, the deadline to receive recognition of prior learning is Friday, Sept. 18. 
  • View all important dates

Pay your tuition

Once you've registered for your classes, you'll see your tuition balance in your Account Summary on mySAIT under the myStudent tab. Tuition and fees for the semester will be due on the first business day of the month before classes begin. For example, if your classes begin in September, your tuition payment deadline will be Tuesday, Aug. 4.

As a full-time student at SAIT, there are many ways for you to pay your tuition and fees, including online banking, credit card and the CIBC International Student Pay program.

Payment options

Confirmation of enrolment letter

If you need a letter to confirm you're enrolled at SAIT or a form filled out in order to access RESPs, scholarships or other sources of funding, you can get one from the Office of the Registrar after you're registered in classes.

To request a Confirmation of Enrolment letter, submit a ticket to Freshdesk.

Class schedule

We’re currently working to minimize schedule changes. Schedules will be made available as they're complete, starting Monday, July 6. These are subject to change with the final version published on Friday, Aug. 14.

You can find your schedule on your mySAIT account under your myStudent tab or in the Ellucian Go app.

Entrance awards

Applications for 2020/21 Entrance Awards are now open. The deadline to apply is Friday, Aug. 7.

Apply after you register in your courses to see both general awards and program-specific awards. If you apply before you register, go back and check mySAIT after you register to see if there are additional program-specific awards available. Find out more and apply now

After you've paid your tuition

🚀 Start your countdown

We’ll have more information to help you dive into the details closer to the first day. Check back and watch your inbox for notices from SAIT. ️

International students are automatically enrolled in a health and dental plan administered by Study Insured. Students are enrolled during the semester they are actively pursuing their studies and charged for one semester at a time. 
Don't miss out on your chance at a share of more than $5 million in student awards. Review the student awards you could be eligible for during your studies at SAIT. Applications open in August for the upcoming academic year.
The booklist for most programs will be available about two weeks before classes start. Check your program page for additional tools or supplies you may need.
SAIT Start is an interactive introduction to all things SAIT. Prepare for the academic year ahead through a series of modules covering everything from academic success and paying for your education to support services, opportunities to get involved, health and well-being. Plus, get an idea of what to expect and what’s expected of you as a SAIT student. 🚀 Let's go!
Whether you're in an e-Learning program or need to bring your own device, find out what hardware and software you'll require. Check your program page for any program-specific details.
Explore some of what your community has to offer during Orientation Week with a series of virtual events. Meet other SAIT students and chat to staff about all the supports available to students. Many programs will also be hosting a program-specific orientation. 
If you would like to add or drop a class (change your course registration), the period for most full-time programs is the first two weeks of the term.
Your SAIT email will be activated 30 days before the first day of classes. Add it to your phone so you don’t miss any emails from SAIT.
If you’re new to online learning, check out these tips to maximize your motivation and energize your engagement.
If you’re coming to campus this fall, before you arrive you must complete the Return to Campus Safety Orientation. You will be automatically registered in this four-module course in Brightspace (D2L). You’ll find the modules in ORNT 118: Orientation. Watch for ORNT 118 in your course list.
If you're in a blended program, you'll receive an email invitation to collect your eCard on campus. Watch your inbox. If you can’t make it to campus at the designated time and don't pick up your card, an alternate collection time will be available.

💻 Complete these prep courses online

ETHI 110 – SAIT Ethical Practices

Learn about SAIT's Student Code of Conduct and understand the consequences of unethical behaviour in this online course for all new students. You'll be registered in ETHI 110 automatically and course completion is mandatory.

ETHI 110 will be available through Brightspace (D2L) starting Monday, Aug. 24. If you have trouble accessing the course, please contact  academic.coaching@sait.ca

PREP 100 – The SAIT Experience

Get tips and insider information on time management, exam preparation, effective notetaking and more through this free, online short course for new students. Plus, l earn about discussion boards, online communication and submitting assignments online. You'll be registered in PREP 100 automatically and course completion is recommended.

PREP 100 will be available through Brightspace (D2L) starting Monday, Aug. 24. If you have trouble accessing the course, please contact  academic.coaching@sait.ca

MATH 123 – Math Refresher

Give your math skills a boost, refresh some of the basics and get ready for calculus with a review of algebra, geometry, functions and graphs, trigonometry, exponents, systems of equations and more. MATH 123 is specifically designed to help students in the following programs prepare for MATH 238: Chemical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Engineering Design and Drafting, Geomatics Engineering Technology, Instrument Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Petroleum Engineering Technology.

Register before Friday, Sept. 4 by emailing tutoring@sait.ca with your name and SAIT ID number. The course is self-paced and will be accessible through Brightspace (D2L) Friday, Aug. 14 – Saturday, Oct. 31 after you register.

Canada 101 – Introduction to the Canadian Classroom

This course explores the Canadian classroom setting, interactions with instructors and classmates, academic honesty and integrity as well as respect and resources available on campus. You'll be registered in Canada 101 automatically and course completion is mandatory.

Canada 101 will be available through Brightspace (D2L) starting Monday, Aug. 24.

🌎 New international student webinar schedule

Welcome to SAIT

Thursday, Aug. 27, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Password: kv#5$U5X

It's an exciting time! We'll walk through what to expect in your first week of online classes and, eventually, in your first week on campus. Plus, live chat.


Wednesday, June 24, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Password: 5E+!.$!&

Learn the difference between study permits, TRV, eTA, coop work permits and more. Understand your eligibility for the Post Graduate Work Permit and explore working in Canada as an international student. Plus, live chat.

Money matters

Thursday, July 2, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Learn about tuition and non-tuition related expenses, the price of everyday things, and tips and tricks on how to make the most of your money while you study. We'll also discuss Entrance and International Centre awards. Plus, live chat.

Academic success at SAIT I + Health and well-being

Thursday, July 16, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Password: 5D+h+.^1

Learn about the Canadian education system and how your academic performance can impact your immigration status. 

Be more informed about your physical, emotional and mental health as an international student at SAIT. Learn more about insurance plans. 

Plus, live chat.

Academic success at SAIT II

Thursday, July 23, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Password: L#t37xL&

Learn about academic integrity and the impact of academic dishonesty on your immigration status. Discover resources to support your research and assignments. Plus, live chat.

Academic success at SAIT III

Thursday, July 30, 8:30 am (MST) | No recording due to technical difficulties

Learn about classroom culture  — group work, engaging with students and the instructor, class participation, deadlines, inclusion and more). Get a head start learning to learn online. Plus, live chat.

Online Learning in Fall 2020

Thursday, Aug. 6, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Password: *Zy?Q626

Find out more about what to expect from online learning at SAIT. Plus, live chat.

Travel to Canada as an International Student

Thursday, Aug. 10, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

Even though you might not be travelling to Canada just yet, you will be joining us soon. Plan ahead with information on customs and immigration at the airport, getting to your accommodations and what to expect from your first 24-48 hours in Canada. Plus, live chat.

Password: wKH8?p1%

Orientation for parents and family

Thursday, Aug. 13, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

This session is designed for parents, partners, friends and family of our international students. Learn how to help your student succeed throughout their academic journey. Plus, live chat.

Password: #4#UaCoq

Traveling with your spouse/kids/family

Thursday, Aug. 20, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

If you plan to move to Canada as an international student with a spouse, children or family members, this session is for you. Learn about school and daycare, and community and support services available in Calgary. Plus, live chat.

Password: F?y$a69M

First week of the semester

Thursday, Aug. 27, 8:30 am (MST) | Access the webinar recording here

It's an exciting time! We'll walk through what to expect in your first week of online classes and, eventually, in your first week on campus. Plus, live chat.

A young man holding a laptop in his lap smiles at something off-camera, in front of a bright sky blue backdrop.

👋 Get involved in your new SAIT community

Find a student club , sign up for a peer mentor, participate in the SAIT Insights Research Community, build your Co-Curricular Record and lots more.

Good luck with your studies! Watch for your weekly SAIT Update — it’s packed with reminders, important dates and news you can use — add your SAIT email to your phone and you won’t miss a thing.

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