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Our values

Quality starts with accountability. We are innovators who dream big, aim high and do what we say we'll do — and usually more. We learn from every opportunity and create bold solutions for the future.

We're better together. Collaboration means we work as a team to explore opportunities, talk things through to get the best result and trust each other enough to challenge convention, embrace crazy ideas and reach audacious goals. Building trust and creating success as a team is the core of our organization.

People come first. Our service focus sets us apart — we deliver a transformational experience that impacts students, alumni, employees, community and industry. Maintaining a high level of service strengthens our sense of community.

Our commitment to excellence drives us. We thrive on continuous improvement — through experimentation, refining the details, and being best-in-class in the classroom, on campus and in the community. 

If our values match yours, make your mark at SAIT in a career fueled by innovation and impact.

Work with a purpose. Work with us.
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