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School Directory

Telephone Email Room
Main Office Telephone:
inquiry@sait.ca G230
James Overall Dean  403.284.8228 james.overall@sait.ca G230A
Kimberly King Assistant to the Dean 403.774.5187 kimberly.king@sait.ca G230B
Joy Rolheiser Administrative Assistant 403.284.8952 joy.rollheiser@sait.ca G230
William Block Administrative Assistant 403.774.5183 william.block@sait.ca G230
Cindy Findlay

Academic Chair, Culinary Programs

403.210.4254 cindyfindlay@sait.ca G230C
Georg Windisch Academic Chair, Culinary Programs  403.774.5063 georg.windisch@sait.ca G241B
Hala Dehais Academic Chair, Travel and Tourism      403.774.4864 hala.dehais@sait.ca  G240F
Margaret Walsh Academic Chair, Hospitality Management 403.284.8514 margaret.walsh@sait.ca G241A
Rupert Kaupp Academic Chair, Culinary Programs 403.284.8942 rupert.kaupp@sait.ca G241E
Andy Trache Academic Support Coordinator 403.210.4343 andy.trache@sait.ca G241F
Shiloh Cartier Administrative Assistant 403.284.7052 shiloh.Cartier@sait.ca G230  
James Werner Manager, Continuing Education and Community Engagement 403.774.4785 james.werner@sait.ca G230D

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