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Pre-Orientation Hospitality Management Diploma Program

Margaret Walsh, Academic Chair, Hospitality Management

Margaret Walsh, Academic Chair
Hospitality Management

"Congratulations and welcome!

The Hospitality Management program at SAIT enjoys a prestigious reputation for its innovative curriculum and real-world education. 

Now that you are a Hospitality Management student, you will have the opportunity to participate in paid internships, international study tours and industry site visits. Your program is one of the first in Canada to offer all theory courses in a blended learning environment, including multimedia labs and a live working experience in our award winning restaurant, The Highwood.

Our instructors are industry leaders dedicated to helping you succeed. Once again welcome to the School of Hospitality and Tourism. Your exciting journey into this global and dynamic sector is about to begin!"

The cost of your education

You will need to purchase books and program supplies in your first week. Your books and supplies will cost approximately $1,100* for year one and $1,300* for year two. This is not included in your tuition.

We have outlined the estimated costs to help you budget for your expenses.

Required attire

Proper attire during food and beverage service:

  • server's jacket (included in your $30 laundry fee) and issued twice weekly from laundry in the John Ware building
  • black dress pants with side pockets — purchase on your own
  • black dress shoes — purchase on your own
  • black dress socks — Purchase on your own

Proper attire during food production:

  • chef's hat, neck tie and hair nets ($15) — may be purchased from the SAIT Bookstore
  • chef's jacket, waist apron and pants (included in your $30 laundry fee) and issued twice weekly from laundry in the John Ware building
  • closed-toe black shoes — Can be purchased at any retail outlet

You must also dress in proper business attire for class presentations and industry visits. 

Bring Your Own Device

You are responsible for bringing a laptop that meets the minimum hardware requirements and operating system for this program.

Tools and supplies

  • professional dual hinge corkscrew ($15) — may be purchased at the Market Place in the John Ware building
  • paper and supplies ($250 per year)


The cost of new books is approximately $900 for first year and $1,100 for second year. Required books may be purchased at the SAIT Bookstore and other sources. Please watch for the official book list from the bookstore in August.


Internship course fees are due in May of your first year (approximately $440 for domestic students.) This is included in the overall tuition listed in the fee table, however it often comes as a surprise since the bulk of your tuition is due in August and January. See SAIT's dates to remember.

Tourism seminar

You are required to participate in a tourism seminar in the second semester which will cost approximately $75.  

Optional international study tour

There is an optional international study tour between the first and second year. Interested students should budget approximately $3,500.

*All costs are estimated and subject to change.

Student success

  • Most successful students spend approximately 20 hours per week doing homework and review, with additional study required to prepare for exams.
  • Keep in mind hospitality industry hours can range from early morning to late in the evening and often include holidays and weekends. In this program, classes in Food and Beverage Service and Food Production Management are scheduled into the evening over two three-week sessions. Service at The Highwood is scheduled until 10 pm.
  • Students require one business dress outfit to wear at guest speaker presentations and during industry field trips. This outfit can also be used for job interviews and other contact with industry.

Student resources

Prep 100

In preparation for your transition into post-secondary studies we encourage you to register for PREP 100. PREP 100 is designed to help prepare you for success in your studies at SAIT. Topics covered include time management, learning strategically, improving memory, taking effective notes in class, working in teams, managing exam anxiety and stress.

Meet your instructors

Alita Brown
Alita Brown
Darwin Ens
Darwin Ens
Mona James
Mona James
Cynthia Johnston
Cynthia Johnston
Rhonda Frazee Rhonda Frazee Ross Robinson Ross Robinson Ken Upton Ken Upton Karla LangilleKarla Langille Danielle RadkeDanielle Radke

Your contacts

Andy Trache
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 403.210.4343
Email: andy.trache@sait.ca

Margaret Walsh
Hospitality Management Academic Chair
Phone:  403.284.8514
Email: margaret.walsh@sait.ca

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