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Preceptor Education Day

Preceptor Education Day

Our annual Preceptor Education Day provides the opportunity for our preceptors to expand on their skills, share best teaching practices and network with other health care providers.

Throughout a full-day of speaker and breakout sessions, attendees gain new strategies and knowledge on a wide variety of topics.  Below are some of the sessions from our May 2018 event. 

Adult leaners and learning styles: Colleen Kawalilak

Our work and learning environments and the adult learners we are privileged to teach, mentor, and coach are becoming increasingly more diverse. Engaging with and responding to diversity can be challenging — however, it provides rich opportunities to deepen our own learning and explore different ways to respond to an array of learning needs.

Explore some of our assumptions about adult learners, advance your understanding of opportunities and challenges related to the role of preceptor, and discuss strategies for engaging with differences.

Words matter! Providing development feedback in practicum: Janet Fowler and Jimmy Joy

Review how preceptors can best support students by effectively delivering observable performance feedback and supporting them in their reflection of the feedback for performance goal development. Review real-world examples of effective feedback and look at how students may perceive it. 

Braving together: Jacqueline Lyndon

Focus on the value of teamwork and why we need each other to survive, every day! Explore the challenges of teamwork, as well as the rewards of working alongside one another.

Team dynamics are reviewed and a simulation illustrates why going alone is not always our wisest choice. As the African proverb says "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

The fitness curve ball for health care professionals: Tim Borys

Life regularly throws us curve balls that can derail our best intentions. These curve balls are the challenges, barriers, beliefs, myths, knowledge gaps, and tough situations we (and our clients) face each day.

This session will help you see these curve balls through the four pillars of personal performance, and provide simple tools to help you and your clients hit a grand slam in health and happiness.

Understanding the social media generation: Dr. Neil Parker

The upcoming generation is the first to grow up fully immersed in a mobile social media environment. This generation's unprecedented adoption of social media is fundamentally changing their peer relationships, their view of themselves, and their perceptions of the world.

Dr. Parker's presentation explores the impact of social media on the mental health and personality of adolescents and young adults. It also includes approaches for supervisors and parents to deal with the unique challenges associated with the self-confidence and self-concept found in the "social-media generation."

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