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Health and Public Safety Entrance Testing Process (HPS-ETP)

Thank you for your interest in the School of Health and Public Safety’s allied health programming. 

Please carefully review the entrance testing information in advance of applying to one of the following School of Health and Public Safety programs:

NOTE: Anticipated final grades will not be accepted for the School of Health and Public Safety entrance testing process.

All other School of Health and Public Safety programs are direct entry. 

Entrance testing process (steps one - four)

Step 1: Schedule and complete the HPS-ETP components

Profession Specific Entrance Assessment

This assessment is used to evaluate your ability to answer questions delivered in written format, and your capacity to understand and follow directions. The assessment includes reading comprehension, math, science, career awareness, typing skills, and reasoning-type questions. This assessment may be comprised of multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The test typically takes between 45-60 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. The assessment can only be completed once per program intake.

Marks are generated automatically and sent to the HPS program.

*Test fees are non-refundable.

Component Fee Description
Profession Specific Entrance Assessment $25.00 USD Applicants pay separately for each program entrance assessment. If applying to multiple programs the cost is $25.00 USD per program entrance assessment.

Profession Specific Entrance Assessment

Please note that we do not provide a breakdown of the question types beyond what is provided on the webpages.

CASPer – situational judgement assessment

This assessment is used to evaluate non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics important for academic and professional success in healthcare. This assessment is comprised of 12 sections of video and written scenarios. Following each scenario, you will be required to answer a set of probing questions under a time contract. The test typically takes between 75-90 minutes to complete. This assessment can only be completed once within the academic year (August 1 through May 31) and you can use the same assessment results for multiple program applications.

Schedule yourself to take the CASPer test. It is recommended applicants complete the CASPer assessment as early as possible as sessions may fill up. Marks are generated and sent automatically to the HPS program within approximately two weeks of the test session. Also, note that the times for the CASPer assessment are Eastern Standard Time. HPS programs do not require to complete Snapshot or Duet as part of the entrance test.

*Test fees are non-refundable.

Component Fee Description
CASPer Assessment $40.00 CAD + $12 per program Applicants pay once to write the assessment. Additional fee to send the assessment score to each program application.

CASPer assessment schedule

Step 2: Apply to the program

  • Applicants are fully accountable and responsible for submitting documentation to complete their academic admission requirements.
  • The program will submit the non-academic HPS-ETP score to complete this portion of the application.
  • Application Timelines - See program pages for application deadlines.

Step 3: Generating an applicant’s score 

  • Component scores on the HPS-ETP will only be analyzed by the program once applications are open for a program and once an application has been received from an applicant.
  • An applicant’s score on the HPS-ETP will be calculated via the combination of weighted component scores.
  • The current weighting for the HPS-ETP components are:
Component Weight Description
Profession Specific Entrance Assessment 70%

Multiple-choice, short answer assessment.

Assessment is auto-marked. The grade is auto-calculated.

CASPer 30%

12 scenarios test. Each scenario contributes equally to the total component score.

Scores calculated by CASPer. CASPer distributes results to program based on applicant requests.

  • Component scores will be used to generate an overall HPS-ETP non-academic admission mark for an applicant.
  • Please note that component weighting and component scoring will change for each program and each program intake cycle
  • Changes are based on intake cycle data to ensure that program admission is offered to the most competitive applicants

Step 4: Application Decision

  • Once all application documentation and components have been received and entered for an application, an application decision will be made for the applicant.
Technical and process considerations

Technical requirements

The HPS-ETP is completed remotely and requires;

  • a personal computer
  • administrator access to the personal computer to download and install test software features
  • extended time for screen saver and sleep function settings on your personal computer so they will not trigger during the exam
  • internet connection
  • webcam
  • speakers
  • a microphone

Applicants must use the same email address for all components of the Entrance Testing Process and SAIT application.

Applicants must pay the fees associated with each component of the HPS-ETP through credit card or PayPal account.

Admission process

  • Admission is offered on a continuous, first-qualified basis, until the program is full. Completing all steps of the application process early will strengthen an applicant’s chances of being admitted to the program.
  • When the program is filled, additional applicants who have met or exceeded the academic and non-academic admission requirements to the program, will be placed on a qualified waitlist for the current intake cycle.
  • Applicants will be granted one attempt at the HPS-ETP per intake to a program.
  • Applicants who are not admitted for the current intake cycle may re-apply for the next program intake and will be required to repeat the application process and HPS-ETP.
  • Please note that failure to meet anticipated academic final grades will result in offers of admission being rescinded.
  • Test fees for the Program Specific Entrance Assessment and CASPer are non-refundable.
Setting up accessibility and accommodations services

As admission is offered on a first-qualified, first-offered basis, applicants who may require accessibility accommodations are strongly encouraged to ensure such accommodations are in place to facilitate timely completion of the HPS-ETP components.

Arranging accommodations for the first time 

Note: It may take several weeks to work through the process with SAIT Accessibility Services, so please start the process right away.

Step 1: Contact SAIT Accessibility Services to gain an accommodations memo that outlines the accommodation requirements.

Step 2: Set up accommodations using the accommodations memo. Be sure to have the following information available: Applicant Name, SAIT ID (if available), All the programs you are applying to at SAIT.

  • Profession Specific Entrance Assessment: SAIT Accessibility Services will provide the accommodation memo to your desired program of study in the School of Health and Public Safety. A member of the HPS Program will contact you about the letter and to schedule the assessment.
  • CASPer - situational judgement test: Use the accommodation memo received from SAIT Accessibility Services to initiate accommodations services through Altus Assessments Inc. They will support completion of the CASPer in alignment with your support requirements.  Access the accommodation process here.


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