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Frequently Asked Questions

We have two sections to our Frequently Asked Questions page:

Bachelor of Business Administration questions:

Frequently Asked Questions for the changes and new majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program:

General Questions about the BBA Questions about going from the BA diploma to the BBA degree

What are the new majors/changes to the program?

The Bachelor of Business Administration now offers a choice of six majors: Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. The program has also moved to a Bring Your Own Device laptop program for all new students entering the program in 2016 (including those who coming into advanced standing from the BA diploma).

What are the admission requirements to the BBA program?

Please see the list of admission requirements here.

When and how often are the BBA program intakes?

The BBA intake runs once per year in September. It is offered through full-time studies only, though students may choose to take a reduced courseload. You have ten years in total to complete the program starting from your first course (include BA diploma courses if you are laddering in).

What are the laptop requirements for the BBA program?

The BBA is a Bring Your Own Device laptop-based program, meaning students are required to bring their own laptop to all their classes. Please see the list of minimum laptop requirements.

Can I take the BBA on a part-time or online basis?

SAIT accepts students to the program on a full-time basis. Students may choose to reduce their course load during the Add/Drop period. At this time, classes run during the daytime only (between the hours for 8am to 6pm). Please note that by reducing your courseload, it will take more time to complete the program. All course requirements must be completed within ten years from the start of your first course.

What are the class sizes?

The maximum class size for BBA courses is 40 students.

What are the main differences between the BA diploma and BBA degree?

It's important to compare the programs and make the decision that is right for you. You can also contact an academic advisor for more information.

Comparison   BBA Degree BA diploma
Length of study Four years of full-time study Two years of full-time study
Majors Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management
First year and choosing a major Common first year courses with elective in second semester. Major is chosen towards the end of first year. Some majors will have a competitive process, depending on the number of students seeking to enter that major.
Main advantage Longer program with advanced courses gives more in-depth knowledge to prepare for career. Shorter program gives a good foundation and skills for a career.
Professional accreditation Aligned to many professional designations (agreements in progress for new majors) Aligned to some professional designations. In some cases a degree or more advanced coursework is required. 
Next level of education Recognized for applying to graduate studies Undergraduate degree transfer options available. Can apply for advanced standing in SAIT's BBA (beginning Sept. 2016; credits granted vary by major)
Employment Degrees in-demand by many employers for great careers. Can get a good job after a diploma. May need a degree for career advancement.
Part-time or online studies Not available at this time Available for some majors and common courses
Cost Please refer to fee table for the cost of the two programs.

I'm confirmed in, or waitlisted for, the BA diploma and want to switch to the BBA. What do I do?

If you are confirmed in or on the waitlist for the BA diploma and meet the BBA admission requirements, you can contact a School of Business academic advisor (403.284.8485) to discuss your options for switching.  

I'm enrolled in, or have already graduated from, the BA diploma. Can I apply to the BBA degree and get credit for my diploma courses?

Graduates of the BA diploma are eligible to apply for advanced standing in the expanded BBA beginning with the September 2016 intake. Students must meet the BBA admission requirements and admission will be a competitive process. The amount of credit granted may vary based major and which electives were chosen.

General full-time student questions

Prospective students

Incoming or first-time students

Current students

Tuition and fees

Student resources

Prospective or Future Students

How do I apply?

Read SAIT's section on how to apply.

When can I apply?

SAIT accepts applications for each intake up to the class start dates. Some programs, however, have selection dates. Please check the list of Important Dates for when applications for each intake open. Selection dates are listed on each program's individual Admissions and Selection page.

What are my upgrading options?

For upgrading options please call Academic Upgrading at 403.284-8915 or English Language Foundations at 403.284.4045.

I am an international student, where can I find more information?

International students please refer to the International Student Centre.

I am transferring from another institution, what should I know?

Transfer students from other colleges and universities must provide official transcripts from the prior learning institution along with a full-time application form. For more information please visit the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) office. 

What are the employment statistics for SAIT's Business grads?

We publish our graduate employment statistics each year for full-time programs.

Incoming or First-Time Students

When can I add or drop a class?

The add/drop periods for each semester are published in the academic calendar. View the current Academic Calendar online.

Where do I find my booklist?

Booklists are available online at the SAIT Bookstore and at your orientation session. You may wish to purchase some of your books prior to the first day of classes. Do not write your name on your books or mark them in any way until your instructor has confirmed you have bought the correct books. It is important to keep your receipts if returning materials back to the SAIT Bookstore.

Why do I need a SAIT laptop?

Students enrolled in one of our laptop programs (Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)Business AdministrationAdministrative Information Management, and Legal Assistant) are required to use a Windows-based laptop, either SAIT-issued or Bring Your Own Device depending on the program

Can I change my course schedule?

Students who wish to change their course schedule must wait until the Add/Drop period. Changes can be made only with the approval of the Academic Chair or Student Services Coordinator. Students wishing to switch their entire block schedule must find a student in the other block to switch with them. Changes can also be made online.

How do I set up my schedule?

Students are automatically registered into the semester courses. If you wish to make changes to your schedule, you must meet with your Students Services Coordinator during the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester to put together a suitable timetable.

Students in the Bachelor of Applied Business Administration (Accounting) program are required to self-register for courses during the summer.

When can I view my schedule?

 You can view your schedule online at mysait.ca as follows:

  • For classes starting in September, your schedule is available online at the beginning of August
  • For classes starting in January, your schedule is available at the beginning of December

I am a first year student, how do I register for courses?

Students are automatically registered for first year courses except for students in the Bachelor of Applied Business Administration (Accounting) program. Changes to your schedule can only be made during the Add/Drop period in the first two weeks of classes for 15-week courses.

Current Students

I am having problems with Mysait.ca password, who do I contact?

Please contact the School of Business technical support team at 403.284.8307.

How do I withdraw from a class?

The withdrawal deadline for courses is prior to 70% of the course duration. A student who wishes to withdraw from an individual course must complete an official course withdrawal form and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar prior to the withdrawal deadline of the course to receive a grade of W. Downloadable forms are available on mysait.ca.

I took a semester off, can I register for more classes?

Students who have been away for more than one semester must complete an Intent to Return form (available on mysait.ca). If you have been away for less than a semester, you should meet with a Student Services Coordinator to discuss the courses you need to proceed with your studies.

I have failed a course twice, can I take it again?

A student is granted two attempts to successfully complete each course - the initial registration and one repeat. If you need to take a course again you should book an appointment with your Student Services Coordinator for advising. Under special circumstances the Academic Chair can grant approval to register in a course for a third attempt. For a fourth attempt, students must get special permission from the Dean. If the final attempt is granted and results in failure a diploma/ certificate will not be issued.

How do I get credit for a course I took at another institution?

The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) office will determine credit eligibility. You must submit copies of all post-secondary transcripts (minimum 65% grade is required and courses must have been completed within the past five years to be eligible for credit). Course outlines may be required.

I did not finish my diploma, can I still complete it?

Any person who has not been an active student in a program for one or more calendar years must submit an Intent to Return form (available on mysait.ca). Returning students must meet any new admission, course or graduation requirements for the program as determined by the Academic Chair.

Where do I get a copy of my transcript?

Students can print unofficial copies of their transcripts from mysait.ca. If you require an official transcript, please complete the Transcript Request form on mysait.ca.

I am having problems with a course, is tutoring available?

Tutoring and study workshops are available through the Centre for Academic Learner Services.

If I repeat a course, will they affect my GPA?

 Both grades will appear on your transcript however, only the higher grade will be factored into your overall GPA.

I am on academic probation, what does this mean?

  • If you are on academic probation you will be notified through your SAIT email account. It is your responsibility to check your SAIT email regularly.
  • Students who fail to achieve the specified minimum semester GPA or cumulative program GPA at the end of a term will be placed on academic probation. The Office of the Registrar will notify each student in writing regarding the terms of academic probation.
  • A student will remain on academic probation if either the semester GPA  or cumulative program GPA is not met for a second time. If both GPA's are not met for a second time, the student will be withdrawn.
  • The consequences of academic withdrawal include being dropped from any subsequent courses registered in the next term, and being ineligible for student loan funding. Academically withdrawn students must wait 12 months before returning to the program from which they were withdrawn.
  • Academic probation and withdrawals are permanently noted on the student's academic record.

What are the requirements and benefits for being a full-time student?

To be a full-time student and eligible for student benefits you must maintain a minimum of nine credits per semester. Note, spring and summer students are not eligible for the UPass.

I missed an exam due to illness, what should I do?

You must have the Physician Statement form (available at mysait.ca) completed and signed by your physician, and presented to your instructor or Academic Chair within 48 hours of the missed examination.

I missed an exam due to a family emergency or religious holiday. What should I do?

Please provide a document that supports this claim to the Academic Chair of your program. An exam deferral may be granted by the Academic Chair provided the student is able to present documentation supporting the reason for the absence.

Can I take classes through Continuing Education or Distance?

Yes, students can take classes through Continuing Education or Distance. Check with the Student Services Coordinator to ensure the course is equivalent. Fees for Continuing Education and Distance courses are due at the time of registration and are separate from your full-time tuition fees.

Tuition and Fees

Where can I find information on government financial assistance?

Students must be enrolled in a full course load to qualify for provincial and federal student loans and grants. For more information or to apply, please visit the Alberta Learning Information Service

Does SAIT offer scholarships and bursaries?

Yes, more information can be found on the Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries page.

Does SAIT have a tuition refund policy?

Yes, but eligibility varies. More information can be found on the Refunds page.

Where can I find information on tuition and fees?

Please refer to the Fee Table for the most up-to-date information.

Student Resources 

Does SAIT offer counselling services?

Counselling is available to help students succeed at SAIT and is available in many areas including:

  • Personal Issues
  • Career Planning
  • Crisis Support

For information please call 403.284.7023.

Does SAIT offer on-campus housing or residence?

SAIT has two resident towers conveniently located on campus. For information on facilities and payment visit Residence Life.

Does SAIT offer accessibility services?

SAIT provides a number of accessibility services to assist students in achieving their goals. These may include academic accommodations, individualized orientation, and assistance in accessing funding for assessments, specific academic support and adaptive technology. For more information please call 403.284.7023.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Any questions regarding School of Business programs, please call 403.284.8485 or email business.advising@sait.ca.

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