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The automation of work and the digital disruption of business models place a premium on leaders who can create a vision of change and frame it positively.

Technology and innovation are disrupting industries at an exponential scale. Today, leaders need to deal with unprecedented changes and an unpredictable and challenging future. In such a world, leadership will play a bigger role than ever. 

Leaders will have to create and show the way forward amid transitions, disruptions, chaos and ambiguity. Learn the skills needed to drive digital transformation in your teams and organization.

This six-week course gives leaders the tools to implement a transformational strategy, paving the way for digital-enabled growth and innovative thinking.

  • Create a digital vision for your organization’s mission and vision.
  • Identify strategic inflection points within your product, customers and industry, and identify metrics for change. 
  • Recognize impediments to digital growth. Recognize and communicate opportunities for digital-enabled growth.
  • Plan how to establish and embed innovation matrix reporting to encourage and manage innovation ideas.
  • Develop guidance to establish and embed the organization’s ambitions for innovation.
  • Merge digital and business-as-usual organizational focus and budgeting.
  • Incorporate effective governance for digital innovation with respect to organization structure and budgeting.

Connected learning experience

Along with pre and post work, weekly sessions are supported with instructor-led video or face-to-face sessions.

Connect with like-minded industry leaders to share common challenges and explore innovation strategies.

Industry guest speakers will share experiences of their own transformation journeys and how they overcame the impediments they faced.

Ongoing support between the virtual sessions is available to provide guidance and direction as you utilize the tools and frameworks in your organization.

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Powered by the DX Talent Hub

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There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves – those that don't adapt will fail.

-Jeff Bezos, Amazon

How we'll help you and your business thrive

This connected learning experience will give you insight into key components critical to success when implementing transformation.

Learn strategies, frameworks and tools that will help your organization thrive in an increasingly complex environment. Built on leading, world-class practices and fueled by a local perspective, this program gives leaders the platform and opportunity to implement game-changing strategies.

Constructing the future

Students using technology to work on the virtual side of construction are adapting seamlessly to the “new normal.”

Digital readiness: disruption and transformation

First, we’ll set the stage by understanding the different types of disruption and how they are affecting your Industry

Together we'll explore

  • The meaning of digital disruption and transformation
  • Industries and organizations that have been, or are being, disrupted
  • Market trends that have enabled disruption
  • Successful and unsuccessful responses to disruption
  • The influence of organizational culture in responding to digital disruption
  • Past, present, and potential future disruptions and transformations in your industry

You’ll also create a map of specific opportunities and threats present for your organization.

Leadership vision

Essential to success in ensuring your organization can face the disruption head-on, we’ll take the first steps in developing a digital vision.

Together we'll explore

  • What a digital vision and a digital strategy is
  • The four streams of a successful transformation
  • The impediments to innovation, the required paradigm shifts, and the beyond-main stream thinking that influences digital vision
  • The importance of looking beyond your core business
  • How to leverage a strong partner ecosystem
  • The components of a dynamic, evolving digital strategy for your industry
  • A self-assessment of your innovation maturity against a competitive set
  • Evaluate and roadmap your current distribution of resources across the 3 areas of innovation. considering your organization’s innovation maturity, risk tolerance, level of industry disruption and asset base.
  • Metrics for measuring innovation across the 3 areas of innovation, identification and mapping of current and potential strategic inflection points can become an opportunity or threat to your current business model.

Digital mindset and culture of innovation

Culture can be the greatest accelerator or impediment to implementing your digital vision.

Together we'll explore

  • What a digital mindset and a culture of innovation is
  • Aspects of innovative thinking
  • The need for digital literacy across organizations
  • Business models that encourage a culture of innovation
  • Metric frameworks to measure innovation across multiple areas
  • Staffing supports necessary for shifting toward innovative thinking
  • Allocating resources
  • Creation of a framework for a successful culture of innovation

Success factors for a user-centric organization

Critical to digital strategy is user-centric culture.

Together we'll explore

  • The structure and importance of a user-centric culture and a user-centric decision-making process
  • Design-thinking principles
  • Methods to alleviate end-user pain points
  • The structure of Customer-Journey Mapping
  • Creation of a customer journey map of a key end-user including solution solving for pain points and areas of improvement

Technical innovation

Key emerging technologies present both risks and opportunities.

Together we'll explore

  • Emerging technologies that support a digital strategy
  • The power of leveraging legacy systems and corporate data
  • An approach to solving problems through user-centric, agile, innovative, design-based thinking
  • Sources of data to feed data-driven decision making
  • Opportunities to tie multiple technologies together to solve business problems or create new value
  • Create new value
  • Creation of high-level road map for possible solutions to the customer journeys identified in the previous section.

Time guidelines

This is a 38-hour course delivered over 6 weeks:

  • Delivered over 6 weeks via weekly virtual sessions of approximately 3 hours each week.
  • In addition, there is project work which will require approximately 3 - 4 hours of work per week.
  • The total weekly time commitment is 6 to 7 hours.
  • Leaders have the opportunity to connect with the instructor to discuss specific questions related to the course and project.

Learning materials

Your course facilitator will direct you to any materials needed to support your work through this course.

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