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Understanding how to solution digital technologies is a key pillar in any organization's digital transformation.

In a hyper-competitive market, digital forward organizations understand how to leverage technology to their advantage. But business transformation doesn't happen overnight. It starts with identifying opportunities for change – and using novel technology and innovative thinking to make it happen.

Powered by SAIT's new DX Talent Hub, the Digital Solutioning course is part of SAIT's Corporate Training's DX Transformation series. 

This six-week connected learning course helps leaders and champions of innovation identify and implement digital initiatives to boost performance for a competitive edge. 

Many emerging technologies can be obscure, and it can be difficult to understand their capabilities and integration. This program will tie together a foundation of digital with design thinking and business value lenses to enable people to truly see the "art of the possible". By taking this course, your team will work with leading experts to:

  • Become familiar with game-changing technologies including blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.
  • Examine how digital technologies can be connected, integrated and scaled for digital initiatives.
  • Discover the pathways and processes needed to implement digital solutions in your organization.
  • Evaluate risk, effort and business value of digital solutions.
  • Create a conceptual digital proposal for your organization.

Connected learning experience

Along with pre and post work, weekly sessions are supported with instructor-led video or face-to-face sessions.

Connect with like-minded industry leaders to share common challenges and explore innovation strategies.

Industry guest speakers will share experiences of their own transformation journeys and how they overcame the impediments they faced.

Ongoing support between the virtual sessions is available to provide guidance and direction as you utilize the tools and frameworks in your organization.

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Powered by the DX Talent Hub

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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

How we'll help you and your business thrive

This connected learning program introduces you to “the art of the possible,” by thinking differently about innovation and digital technology.

Learn a framework for innovation through digital technologies that will enable you to identify and build a unique competitive advantage.

This program is also a natural follow-up to the Transformational Leadership Course, giving leaders and functional managers the tools, they need to begin digital initiatives.

Virtual reality brings water management training to life

Enhancing learning with emerging and immersive technologies.

Digital immersion

The first module explores how digital technologies can be connected, integrated and scaled for digital initiatives.

Together we'll explore

  • Various digital technologies
  • Typical platforms and vendors
  • The key functions of identified technologies
  • Technologies such as blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation
  • Examples of how digital technologies can support initiatives in your organization and industry

Digital ecosystems

Understanding digital ecosystems is critical to effectively leveraging technology.

Together we'll explore

  • What digital ecosystems are and their importance
  • How discrete digital technologies such as cloud, integration techniques, data analysis, and communications technologies can be connected to create solutions
  • The common features of cloud platforms, integration technologies, mobility platforms, and communications technologies
  • Aspects of data including access, quality and management

Digital initiatives and pathways

Success in digital initiatives is more than just the technology. Every technology affects processes, organizational and people aspects of digital initiatives and pathways.

Together we'll explore

  • Digital initiatives and pathways and potential process and people issues encountered when implementing digital initiatives
  • Methods and interventions required to support the implementation of digital initiatives
  • Approaches to how business value can be created using digital technologies
  • Issues to be addressed in implementing digital solutions, including business value, stakeholder engagement, and change management

Digital solution lifecycles

Here, we'll talk about how your idea can become reality and will explore processes and methods of implementing digital solutions.

Together we'll explore

  • Digital initiatives compared and contrasted to traditional IT systems initiatives
  • Problem framing and definition
  • Design thinking and its application to digital initiatives
  • Agile thinking and its application to digital initiatives
  • MVP, iteration and scale-up approaches
  • A typical digital solution life cycle

Digital solutioning

Together, we'll create a conceptual digital solution.

Together we'll explore

  • What a digital solution is, including some real-world examples of digital solutions
  • Candidate conceptual digital approaches to solving common business problems
  • Your preferred conceptual digital solution, considering cost, risk, value and complexity
  • Some industry-expert approaches to digital solutions and business value

Digital risk

Once you have crafted a conceptual digital solution, we'll have the opportunity to examine the risks.

Together we'll explore

  • Various cybersecurity risks from implementing digital solution
  • The implications of data privacy as related to digital solutions
  • Regulatory requirements related to digital solutions
  • Technological and people-centric methods to reduce cybersecurity and privacy risks

Time guidelines

This is a 24-hour course delivered over 6 weeks:

  • Delivered over 6 weeks via weekly virtual sessions of approximately 4 hours each week.
  • Participants can expect up to 3 hours of project work each week between sessions for 5 weeks – approximately 15 hours.
  • Project work times may vary, week to week and attendee to attendee.
  • Leaders have the opportunity to connect with the instructor to discuss specific questions related to the course and project.
  • Total time commitment of 45 hours.

Learning materials

Your course facilitator will direct you to any materials needed to support your work through this course.

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