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The automation of work and the digital disruption of business models place a premium on leaders who can create a vision of change and frame it positively.

"40% of businesses will not exist in a meaningful way in ten years" –John Chambers, Former Executive Chairman & CEO, Cisco Systems

Companies are now faced with an important choice – adapt to the digital age or risk becoming irrelevant.

Digital transformation

Introducing the "what" and the "how" of digital solutions. Through Corporate Training Solutions, and powered by the DX Talent Hub, the connected learning experience will give you and your team insight into key components critical to success when implementing a digital transformation strategy.

Learn frameworks and tools that will help your organization thrive in an increasingly complex environment. Built on leading, world-class practices and fueled by local perspective, our programs and courses give leaders the platform and opportunity to implement game-changing strategies.

Drive digital transformation forward in your organization


Evolution of Project Management

This course will provide you with a perspective of how project management has evolved and help you determine how to navigate these changes in the context of your organization and career.

Design Thinking

In this two-day course participants learn how to identify business problems that can be solved with human-centered thinking, observe users to deeply understand who they’re solving for, from unique and actionable insights based on user observation and create low-fidelity experiments to validate possible solutions.

Applied Machine Learning Leadership

This course provides leaders - early champions, operational leaders or those developing and approving business cases for investment - with the knowledge and confidence they are making a value-added investment.

Blockchain Overview: Business Foundations

This two-day course is designed for non-technical business executives who are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging Blockchain technology in their businesses.

Blockchain Architecture

This instructor-led six-week Blockchain Architecture training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms. This course prepares you for the Blockchain Architecture Certification exam from the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA).

Transformational Leadership for Executives

This five-week course presents you with opportunities to gain insight into transformational leadership, its importance, and what it means in your organization and industry.

Digital Strategy and Leadership

In this six-week course leaders will learn how to create a digital vision, identify strategic inflection points, recognize impediments to digital growth and plan how to establish and embed an innovation matrix to encourage innovative ideas.

Digital Solutioning

In this eight-week course, you'll learn how to tie together a digital foundation with design thinking and business value lenses, and identify frameworks for innovation through digital technologies that will enable you to build a unique and competitive advantage.

Leading Digital Change

This five-week course is designed to help senior executives lead their teams and people through digital transformations. Learners have the opportunity to learn and evaluate the benefits, risks, challenges and limitations of leading their people through digital change and create or enable improved resiliency and adaptability to constant change.

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DX Talent Hub

Responding to both current and future needs for digital transformation skills in Calgary's economy, the DX Talent Hub provides a framework and the fundamental training necessary to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges associated with understanding, starting and scaling a digital transformation.

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