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Digital transformation

The Digital Transformation (DX) Talent Hub responds to both current and future needs for digital transformation skills in Calgary's economy.

We provide a framework and the fundamental training necessary to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges associated with understanding, starting, and excelling in a digital world.

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Techify your future

Are you looking to upskill your career?

Explore key components and processes to implementing digital technology to build a framework of innovation for your business, learn about transformational leadership, its importance and what it means to your role in your organization or industry.

Our Continuing Education programs and courses are designed for maximum flexibility allowing you to enhance your skills and advance your career.

Transform your business

Are you looking to upskill your team?

From executive to leadership transformation courses and digital solutioning – our tech-driven training hub and made-to-order corporate training solutions will provide your team with the skills needed to succeed.

Reimagine your business today.

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transformation journey

Responding to both current and future needs for digital transformation in Calgary’s
economy by providing four integrated programming elements.

Organizational training

Our organizational training will provide roadmaps to consider when developing talent pipelines, supporting leaders in developing and activating a digital strategy, while also partnering with industry to develop a range of programming options.

Individual Learner training

Our individual learner training will build on essential competencies that support upskilling for a digital-powered career. Providing pathways for people to continue their learning journey and inspire and support learners in finding their fit while discovering a wide range of digital career options.

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Digital Adoption Training

Our courses and programs will prepare individuals and organizations for digital adoption.

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Competency Upskilling and Pathways Mapping

We offer a platform for advising individuals and organizations to assess and map their digital adoption competencies.

Experiential learning icon

Experiential Learning

Through experiential learning, we will focus on practicums, work placements and learning opportunities for unemployed Digital Adoption Training students.

Youth outreach icon

Youth Outreach Programming

Through youth-centred programs and courses, digital programming will be offered for high school students providing them with the exposure and pathways into technology and digital-focused careers.

Applied Machine Learning

This unique Applied Machine Learning program, part of our Digital Adoption Training series, is designed to empower professionals with domain expertise in their fields looking to upskill or open to a career change. Individuals with a growth mindset who are looking to acquire the necessary essential and technical skills in AI that will make things better, more efficient and easier.
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