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SAIT's School for Advanced Digital Technology prepares students, citizens, and our communities for the promise of a digital society. Here, we'll share articles, case studies, resources, and digital trends that are shaping the future — and put them in context so you can action them today.

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DQ 101: Digital Security

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

According to a recent report by IBM, 2021 broke the record for the highest average annual cost of data breaches in 17 years — jumping from $3.9 million to $4.2 million USD. Cybersecurity has become a major concern for both businesses and government. This article explores how Digital Security manifests at each maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor

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DQ 101: Digital Safety

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

Digital Intelligence means staying safe online. Living in a digital world means acting like a good digital citizen and having a keen understanding of the risks that come with living, working, and playing inside a shared digital system. This article will explore how Digital Safety manifests at each digital maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor

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DQ 101: Digital Use

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

How healthy is your relationship with technology? Beyond taking a critical look at amounts of screen time (or immersion) — how we use technology to improve well-being for ourselves and others is an important part of the equation. Find out as we explore the area of Digital Use. This article will explore how Digital Use manifests at each digital maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor.

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DQ 101: Digital Identity

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

In the Digital Intelligence 101 introduction, we shared that people experience eight critical areas of digital life — Identity, Use, Safety, Security, Emotional Intelligence, Literacy, Communication, and Rights. As one of eight critical areas of “Digital Life,” Digital Identity explores how people build, maintain and explore their digital personas in an increasingly tech-driven world.

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DQ 101: The Basics

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

It’s our job to help people live, learn, and thrive in a digital society. But what does “digital” mean? This Intro to Digital Intelligence (DQ) will share the purpose of the standardized framework and the competency areas that foster digital skills. Here, we’ll explain the framework, maturity levels, and eight core competencies that encompass DQ.

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Trust and the Metaverse

Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst
Lee Ackerman, Director, Digital Strategy

Our thesis is that the precondition for successful change and advancement of the human condition — no matter how small or large — is trust. This is why at the School for Advanced Digital Technology we have invested in the backbone of the underlying fabric of trust. We’re embracing, promoting and building around Digital Intelligence (DQ) — the world’s first and only digital standard for digital literacy, skills and readiness.

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Changing the World with Digital Solutions

What happens when you equip the next generation with the digital skills and mindset needed to solve humanity’s biggest issues? You change the world. That’s why SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT) is launching How to Change the World — an intensive program challenging students to develop strategic solutions to global problems outlined by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

old fellows building downtown calgary

The Digital Transformation of Downtown Calgary

Jasmine Palardy, Activation Strategist

From 1970 - 1971, Boeing reduced its workforce in Seattle from 80,400 to 37,200. As the volume of activity in its local buildings and streets began to dwindle, a few provocateurs posted a sign downtown asking, “will the last person leaving Seattle turn off the lights?” After all, no one could envision how the city could survive following the loss of almost 50,000 jobs due to a swift downturn in the aerospace sector.

PLAYBOOK: Digital Talent Ecosystem 2021

Digital talent: without a doubt, one of the most scarce resources in our province today, and arguably the most fundamental to our society’s future. Solving our digital talent gap requires a sweeping change in how we think and act, including cooperation at a massive scale. It’s about trust, a collective “us”, and a shared North Star.

Building Calgary’s Digital Intelligence

Lee Ackerman, Director, Digital Strategy

People have always been Calgary’s strength and as we reimagine, reignite and reinvent – this will continue to be true. At the School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT), we teach and empower people to thrive, create and lead our digital society. Belief in this purpose drives us.

The Future of Presence

Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst

We are in the midst of the largest social experiment in the history of humankind. Or more accurately, it is being conducted upon us. We haven’t recognized it yet as such, but we will. The experiment is subjecting a billion plus people to re-think one of the most fundamental and oldest of human behaviours: how we interact and connect with one another.

The world has changed, but SAIT is one step ahead

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