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Jeff Logan

 Jeff Logan

Jeff has taught and consulted in North America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. He holds a CELTA (Adult Education), an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. These degrees focused on First Nations language and culture and were awarded by the University of Cambridge, the First Nations University College and the University of Regina. Jeff is currently completing his PhD in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University in Pennsylvania. The topic of his research is "Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and the Use of Humor by Saulteaux Leaders."

Jeff has taught Linguistics, Aboriginal Studies, Communication Studies, Management, and Androgogy at a variety of post-secondary institutions. He served as the director of several non-profit organizations that worked with immigrant and Aboriginal communities. He also spent a number of years with Mâwandônan Consulting, one of Saskatchewan's leading Aboriginal consulting firms.

Courses taught:

  • Communications 220 (SAIT)
  • Communications 230 (SAIT)
  • Communications 240 (SAIT)
  • Communications 249 (SAIT)
  • Communications 256 (SAIT)
  • Communications 325 (SAIT)
  • Communications 330 (SAIT)
  • Research Methodology - STATS 4010 (SAIT)
  • Capstone Research - PROJ 377(SAIT)
  • Capstone Research - PROJ 385(SAIT)
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics - Methodology
  • Applied Linguistics - Curriculum Design
  • Applied Linguistics - Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Organizational Design/Culture
  • English Composition/Writing

Scholarly activity and research interests:

  • Humour in the classroom and workplace
  • Contemporary Aboriginal Issues
  • Organizational citizenship behaviour
  • Indigenous research methodology
  • Organizational ethnography
  • Educational anthropology
  • Aboriginal art
  • Identity management of adult learners History and culture
  • Organizational design and development
  • Organizational communication
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Adult education
  • Second language learning
  • Mentorship in higher education
  • Justice and education

Publications and presentations: 

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