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Strategic Plan


2020 - 2025

Change has a champion

SAIT is changing and proud to be leading change — we didn’t get where we are by staying the same. We’re embarking on a new course for the future — one that builds on our 100+ year history to reimagine the workforce of tomorrow.

A workforce made by SAIT is armed with the mindset to lead and with the skills — technical and human — to create, to evolve, to make a difference.

Our course for the future embeds digital and leadership literacy across all programming includes continuous and flexible learning, offers industry experience and industry connections, develops hit-the-ground ready, future-proofed graduates.

Our roots are in Calgary, our ambition is global: to bring more of the world to SAIT and more of SAIT to the world — to be synonymous with people and practices that make things happen, that have a real and lasting impact.

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SAIT Annual Report 2021/22

It’s been another year of ongoing and accelerated change. It’s been a year of evolution at SAIT — one guided by a commitment to lead change outlined in our Strategic Plan, New World. New Thinking.

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Future proof. Here's how.

Fast forward to 2025. By championing change and embracing growth, in the future, we create through the implementation of this strategic plan:

  • SAIT will be the talent accelerator of choice as evidenced by strong growth in student enrolment.
  • SAIT will be the preferred lifetime learning partner for the workforce with more people returning frequently to enhance their qualifications over their entire career lifecycle.
  • SAIT will welcome more international students and will provide more international opportunities for domestic students and employees.
  • SAIT students continue to be in demand by industry and have greater access to workplace learning experiences.
    SAIT's culture and world-class talent base attract more people, partners, and resources from around the world to join us.

Our plan reinforces SAIT's commitment to equipping graduates with skills for the future, skills for successful careers and lives. The story of our province is still being written. Our plan is right for our evolving world.

Dr. David Ross
President and CEO

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

EDI provides the conditions for a healthy campus where our community feels welcomed, supported, included, valued and empowered to succeed.

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