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#SAITfaces: Rhea Wilson

Rhea Wilson

SAIT is leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, community builders, originals. Meet some of the people that make us great — our #SAITfaces.


Questions about SAIT? Ask an expert, like Rhea! 🙂 As a Student Advisor  #HereAtSAIT, Rhea is one of many dedicated  #SAITFaces from the Office of the Registrar (OTR) answering your questions.

“I help prospective students who are applying to study at SAIT. It can be anything from working with international transcripts, supporting the application process or welcoming our new students!”

Before SAIT, Rhea was a kindergarten teacher but adds working with SAIT students is just as fun.

“I've heard many stories about positive SAIT experiences where students make lifelong friends, learn valuable skills for the job market and just generally enjoy their time with us. There is a real community feel here, and the more energy you put into your studies and your time on campus, the more you will receive.

This has also been my OTR experience and why I truly love what I do. When you visit us and have questions, even if we don't know immediately, we will find the answer.”⁣

Fun Fact: On a milestone birthday early in the pandemic, a group of cars with her OTR colleagues put on one of the city’s first birthday parades. 🎈

“I was surprised and touched, to say the least! This just goes to show the type of people that work in my department.”

Need to connect with an expert from our Office of the Registrar? The best way to get in touch is to submit a ticket through FreshDesk at saitregistrar.freshdesk.com.

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