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Get your study on: Four tips from two SAIT students

Two roommates sit at a kitchen table to study. One on his laptop and the with a notebook and textbook.

Set yourself up for success during finals

Roommates Arth Limbachiya (Chemical Engineering Technology) and Ravi Gandhi (Power Engineering Technology) are about to wrap up their final semester #HereAtSAIT and share what works for them during crunch time.

Find your prime time and create a schedule ⌚

Arth: I’m a night owl and prefer studying at night. I put all my social media notifications on mute as they distract me the most. My focus span lasts around 30 minutes at a time, after that I usually take a five-minute break to listen to some songs or stretch and then continue studying. During finals, I make a schedule for each subject and try to complete studying well before the scheduled time is up, so I can use those final minutes to review parts that may not have stuck.   

Ravi: For me, early morning is the best time to study because my mind is fresh, and I can easily remember test-prep questions and chapter notes. I always prefer to have a cup of tea to help me stay energized and focused. For finals, it helps if I make a daily schedule so I can cover everything in a desired time. Unlike Arth, I prefer to not take breaks until I finish my scheduled portion of study and will take a longer break once I’m done.


Develop your own study notes 📝

Arth: While professors are teaching in class, I put together important topics into my own words so that I can understand the material better. I’ll also study differently depending on the subject — sometimes it may look like creating flashcards or flowcharts. This way I can review and remember in a way that works for me.  

Ravi: Before COVID-19, I used to make flash cards while I was attending a class to help with studying in the future. Since classes have shifted online, most of the lectures are recorded and I can watch the recording as many times as I need and make notes anywhere and at any time.


Join or organize a study group 👨‍💻👩‍💻   

Arth: I personally like studying with my classmates. We usually do a Zoom meeting where we discuss and review different topics. 

Ravi: Sometimes during group study, socializing can take over, so I usually prefer to study alone. But if I ever have any questions or concerns, I will reach out to my classmates because they may have unique studying techniques that can help me to get a more varied understanding of the question or concept. 


Get some solid rest 💤

Arth: At least getting six to seven hours of sleep is best for me. I try to ignore my phone, especially social media as it consumes more time than expected before going to sleep. I trade in scrolling on social media to meditating for 10 – 15 minutes using the headversity app — it’s awesome and it’s free for SAIT students.

Ravi: Good sleep plays a very crucial role in my life. If I can’t get proper sleep, I cannot focus on any work and may also become grumpy. So, I always aim for seven to eight hours of sleep so I can really focus on my studies and achieve good grades during finals. And if it works out, I’ll try to have a nap in the afternoon to be well focused if I find myself studying during the evening.


Other ways to set yourself up for success for finals:

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