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De-stressing diaries — how SAIT students make the most of their Reading Week

A picture of three SAIT students: Muskaan is painting her nails, Lauren is snowboarding and Emily is doing yoga

From snuggling up and watching TV to snowboarding in the mountains — three SAIT Student Content Team members share how they’ll be resetting this Reading Week.

Focusing on my side hustle and "me time" 💅🏼

Muskaan is reading a book to help her with her side business

I am looking forward to taking a break from school and just focusing on other aspects of my life such as working on my nail business, doing some cleaning and spending quality time with family.

I will be using this time to reset by doing yoga, meditation and journaling. 📝

I am setting myself up for success when I come back by being in a positive mindset. I completed all of my schoolwork before Reading Week so that I could have time to relax and catch up on sleep and “me time.”

Muskaan painting her nails

Lauren, second-year Information Systems Security:
Shredding the gnar 🏂

Lauren on her snowboard in the mountains

Being in my last semester and dealing with burnout means I am SO looking forward to Reading Week. Since there have been major lockdowns across the province, I haven’t been able to get out snowboarding as much as I would like. That’s why I’ll be headed to the mountains to get in as much fresh snow as possible. ❄️

I am on the ball with most things at school, but have felt myself getting less motivated this past month, so I’m looking forward to pressing pause and taking the time to reset. For me, resetting means doing something that I love: being on my board, enjoying the crisp, cool mountain air and taking in the panoramic mountain views. 🏔️

A panoramic view of the mountains

Emily, first-year Journalism:
🧘 Time on my mat and a bit of work

Emily in front of a bunch of moving boxes

I am totally looking forward to some rest and relaxation! My husband and I have been busy moving to a new place and juggling school, so catching up on assignments and plopping ourselves in front of the TV for some chill days will be nice. 📺 Of course, I'll also take a few more shifts at work. Not having class is a great opportunity to make some extra money!

I haven't had a lot of time to myself lately. I find yoga is a great way to check in and focus on me so that’s my plan! I look forward to clearing my mind of all the responsibilities for a short time.

Pro tip: download the app Downward Dog it’s the best app ever!!!! I’m OBSESSED. And students get a free subscription until July, you just need to register with your @edu.sait.ca email. 👍

I plan on getting a head start on a few semester-long projects. I'm eager to do some reading as well just to stay ahead of the game!

Emily in tree pose for yoga

Still in need of some Reading Week inspo?

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