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Immersive technologies used in SAIT classrooms

Hear the words “virtual reality” or “augmented reality” and you might associate them with video games like Pokémon GO or Beat Saber. At SAIT, virtual and augmented reality aren’t just for games — they’re tools for learning to expand students’ knowledge, comprehension and confidence. 

Take a look at how some programs at SAIT feature these technologies as part of the learning process:

Virtual reality

Integrated Water Management and Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations

From a one-billion-dollar wastewater treatment plant to floating down the Bow River without ever getting wet, students in SAIT’s water management programs are able to go on virtual tours, field trips and practice measuring the velocity of a river using Oculus Quest headsets.


Industry is looking for skilled people to work with and protect the earth’s most valuable resource. Check out the two-year Integrated Water Management diploma or the one-year Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations certificate.

Augmented reality

Heavy Equipment Technician

The machines heavy equipment technicians work on are huge, some taking up the space of an entire shop. Having this type of machinery on hand to learn on isn’t always possible but when you bring augmented reality into the mix, the opportunities are endless. Walking into one of SAIT’s Heavy Equipment Technician labs, you’ll find QR codes pasted on several large engines, transmissions and torque converters. Students are able to use their mobile device to scan these codes and get linked to videos or tutorials to learn more about how the equipment operates. 


Put your mechanical abilities and problem solving skills to work as a Heavy Equipment Technician Apprentice.


Automotive Service Technology

When augmented reality is used in the Automotive Service Technology program, students have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about specific vehicle service information. Rather than having to rely entirely on a workshop manual, they can also absorb information about various vehicle components in the form of video tutorials.


Rev up your skills for a rewarding career repairing and maintaining light duty vehicles explore our two-year Automotive Service Technology diploma program.

3D simulation

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician

This 3D simulation of gamma camera maintenance allows students to safely practice troubleshooting common problems with this radioactive device virtually. The virtual gamma camera can be assembled and disassembled part by part and can be easily reset if the learner gets stuck. 

Students in this program learn how to identify potential mechanical and structural failures and are highly sought after in a variety of industries. Thanks to 3D simulations like this, the Non-Destructive Testing certificate is offered in a flexible online/blended delivery format. Allowing students to get career ready from virtually anywhere.

Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator

These leading-edge simulators provide students the opportunity to safely practice crane operation. Experience in the “field” means graduates are even better equipped to handle the unexpected and are more valuable to prospective employers.


Get prepared for a career as a Crane and Hosting Equipment Operator. Learn more about the Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator – Mobile Crane Apprenticeship.

This story is part of an ongoing series celebrating SAIT’s technology training and innovation.

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