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Shifting career gears: From administration to cybersecurity

Lauren, Second-year Information Systems Security (ISS) diploma

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

After completing a diploma in criminal justice and working in administration, Lauren was looking for a new challenge — and to transition into the exciting world of tech. Bridging her previous experience with future aspirations, she’s now plugged into a promising career in cybersecurity.

"If you’re ever on the fence about going back to school, jump in with both feet."

Meet Lauren, 30

Second-year Information Systems Security (ISS) diploma

Were you hesitant to go back to school to shift careers?

It would have been easy to continue to be an administrative assistant for the rest of my career, but I knew I would never have felt fulfilled. I had applied for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and after a deferral, I knew it was time to further my knowledge in a different industry.

Why did you choose to come to SAIT?

I knew I wanted to go into IT but wasn’t prepared to go to university for computer science. A large draw was also the employment rates of SAIT students.

Describe your experience in the ISS program.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. During orientation, we had numerous instructors and SAIT staff tell us how difficult the program is. I kind of blew that off, thinking it couldn’t be that bad. But it has been a lot of work. You have to ensure you’re self-motivated and don’t procrastinate! That being said, the instructors have been amazing and genuinely want to see you succeed.

What industry opportunities have you had so far?

Over the summer, I was able to put what I had learned in the last year into practice through my internship with Canadian Natural Resources Limited. While working in the real world, I was able to learn additional skills I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career change?

If you’re ever on the fence about going back to school, jump in with both feet. With a school like SAIT, where you have numerous avenues of support and assistance, you can’t go wrong. You’re never too old, you haven’t been out of high school too long and you definitely can do it. Follow your passion!

Learn from a SAIT and industry expert in cybersecurity

“People who thrive in the ISS program are not merely good coders (although they are that) — they are good at analysis. The most promising people we've had in the program have been knowledgeable, observant and strong lateral thinkers. All good qualities in any aspect of life, honestly.”

- Dr. Stuart White, Instructor, Information Systems Security program


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